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Lack of Vitamins and Their Effects on Koi

Vitamins are essential to the wellbeing of koi, with any deficiencies causing potentially serious problems. After researching these issues, we've formulated a helpful list which details potential problems when lacking individual vitamins:
  • A lack of Vitamin A causes popeye, impaired growth of the koi and depigmentation.
  • A lack of Biotin in koi will result in convulsions and skin lesions.
  • A lack of B12 in koi will result in anemia and poor appetite.
  • A lack of Vitamin C causes deformed growth, scoliosis, haemorrhagic skin
  • A lack of Calcium in your koi will result in reduced growth.
  • A lack of Copper in a koi's system cause the of a lack of important metabolic enzymes.
  • A Lack of Vitamin D3 in koi will cause an impaired calcium balance and poor body growth.
  • A lack of Vitamin E with cause increased water retention and anemia.
  • A lack of Folic Acid will bring about fragility to the caudal fin and lethargy in the koi.
  • A lack of Iodine in koi will result in an abnormal increase of thyroid cell growth.
  • A lack of Niacin causes a loss of appetite and difficult motion (often described as a jerky type of motion).
  • A lack of Menadine in your koi's systems will cause anemia along with prolonged blood clotting.
  • A lack of Manganese in koi will bring about dwarfism along with a loss of equilibrium, and high rates of mortality.
  • A lack of Pyridoine will be the cause of loss of appetite, irritability with rapid/gasping breathing.
  • A lack of D-pantothenic in a koi's system will cause a lack of appetite, clubbed gills and gill excudate.
  • A lack of Riboflavin in koi will result in cloudy eyes, haemorrhagic eyes and dark body coloration.
  • A lack of Thiamine will result in convulsions and a loss of equilibrium.
  • A lack of Zinc will cause anorexia along with skin and fin erosion.
As you can see from this list, it's very important to provide koi with the correct nutrition to make sure they get enough of these essential vitamins.

So, how do you make sure that you give your fish the vitamins they need?

Thankfully it's quite simple, as the koi food industry does all of the hard work for us. Make sure to feed your koi high quality pellets from a recognised name such as Tetra, Medikoi, Medicarp, NTLabs Nobri, Hikari, Kusuri, etc...

Don't go for ultra-cheap foods as they are often lacking in nourishment and are false economy. Aim to use up your koi food within 6 months, as the nutritional value depletes over time. Of course you can feed your koi many alternate things, provided it is only as an occasional treat.

Another product that can be used is "Nourish" which is a vitamin/amino acid supplement. This is enhanced with iodine and is made by an American company called SeaChem for freshwater fish.

"Proplis" is another product (made by bees) which can help keep your koi healthy. You can buy it in health food stores or get it from a bee keeper. It usually comes in a solid block which you can break bits off and liquefy.
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