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Many of us in the koi world use a product that goes by the name of propolis
So what is Propolis , it is natural substance collected by bees from buds and trees.
Its makeup is that of tree resin, essential oils, waxes and bioflavonoids.
What are bioflavoniods?
They are one of the most important components in propolis why ?
The antioxidant effects of these bioflavonoids help the bees run a healthy hive.
It's because of these magical properties that they are of importance to koi and goldfish keepers.
First we can feed our fish with liquid propolis soaked pelleted foods giving them a great health boost.
You can do this on a regular basis and it can also be used at the same time as other sprays and liquids such as KoiVits** [a mixture of vitamins specially formulated for our koi].
It can be used on other cyprinids which include the koi kissing cousin the Goldfish.
We now know the health benefits of the bioflavonoids found in Proplolis and what they do ?
There's more to this than meets the eye here , so how many of us know that propolis can also be used to treat wounds on fish such as damaged scales the bite sites of parasites Ulcers etc .
Because these very bioflavoniods the mixes of various tree resins , essential oils etc that help the bees run a healthy hive also go to help you clear up secondary infections on your fish in conjunction with Malachite Green
It can also be used to spray the wound sites of larger wounds such as ulcers fungal infections etc .
Where can you buy this wondrous Propolis ?
You could buy it from dealerships at inflated prices, or you could simply pop down to your nearest health store and buy it from them at a markedly lower price.
If you know a bee keeper, remember what I said "its a by product of the hive".
Why not ask one of them they may be able to give it to you in solid form

I hope this article helps people make their minds up to give propolis a try its really a win, win situation for your fish if you do.

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