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  1. Mr.Wizard
    Something seems fishy!
  2. adavisus
    adavisus MitchM
    some pages on gpf don't load the text box here

    The weather maps I go to for serious stuff are at

    It's a czeck outfit which has some serious climate scientists
    1. MitchM
      Mar 14, 2017
  3. hank luria
    hank luria Lisak1
    interested in type/size rock to use on horizontal platues and between large rocks on vertical walls. Have large granite rip rap as large rock. pond specialists placed small river pebbles (1/4"-3/4" dia). Concerned that pond vac will suck up these small pebbles. Any suggestions for rock.
    1. Lisak1
      Hi Hank! Are you talking about the rock to put on the shelves in the pond? We used a mix of gravel from pea gravel to river rock. We don't use a vacuum in our pond... never felt the need. If I want to clean off the rock on the shelves I just swish it around bit.
      Mar 13, 2017
  4. Rajesh
    life is beautiful!
  5. TTuckertbnc
    Happily married , mother to 2 daughters , 1 granddaughter , 1 dog, 3cats, 4 koi, 13 chickens, 1-55 aq>fish, 1-20aq>crayfish & shrimp ..
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  6. PondMutt
  7. Usman
    Usman Giovanni Carlo Bagayas
  8. Mistie Babin
    Mistie Babin
    Hi I love to garden! I love being outside doing just about anything. Currently trying to turn a jacuzzi tub into a pond.
  9. Jeff G
    Jeff G
    1000 gallon, 8 ft x 12 ft oval, 7 ft deep, dug pond in a wooded area in Western NY. Hardiness zone 6b. Stocked with goldfish.
  10. Graham Katz
    Graham Katz
    My koi pond is 25000 lts with 10 koi and about 20 gold fish
  11. JBtheExplorer
  12. Barbara A Cronin
    Barbara A Cronin
    Hiding koi in bottom of pond, in the leaves. Why?
  13. EricV
    2500 gal built in 2016
  14. callingcolleen1
    Freezing Cold right now at -18 Fahrenheit!!
  15. D2daJAZ
    My Pond Is Empty and Dry
  16. Larry Dinglo
    Larry Dinglo
    Just a lover of garden ponds, and finding new ways to make mine spectacular.
  17. morewater
    morewater GinoLicious
    Gino, simply reply to the PM.

    As to supplier information, I would recommend Hydrosphere Water Gardens out of Bradford, Ontario. Great supplier. Check their website and you'll see the pricing on the AP20 as well as the sinking airline and the composite stone.

    The AP20 is under $150, the airline around $50 and a composite stone around $50.

    All The Best
  18. Colin_Pond
    the most common types of koi to find at a local "PetSmart"? I think I just got a 3'' Tora Ogon from my PetSmart...
    1. Colin_Pond
      I just got a 3'' (what I think is called a "Tora Ogon") from my local PetSmart, and I was just wondering, what kinds of koi I can expect to be most common to find at my pet smart. or any for that matter. i'm letting it grow out for the winter in a 70 gallon tank with a 4'' Platinum Ogon I had gotten from the same place.
      Oct 31, 2016
  19. Colin_Pond
    do any of you guys know, what the most common types of koi fish a local pet store like "PetSmart" will carry?
  20. Jonathan Church
    Jonathan Church koiguy1969
    Do you still make spillways?
    1. koiguy1969
      Oct 23, 2016