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  1. DutchMuch
  2. irishfishwife
    irishfishwife addy1
    Hello addy1
    I am a relocated east coaster. Now I have a California koi pond. 1200 gallons, for the last six years. Just saw that my butterfly has a sore on its side. Not deep... But it's my first.
    I have a 3oo gallon fountain that I am going to move her into. Can I put benitine solution on the sore???
  3. DutchMuch
  4. DeepWater
    The Great Abyss
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  5. PinKoiPam
  6. Glen wallace
    Glen wallace
    I'm having an issue with high nitrite levels and have treated the water with medicine, changed the water x3
    1. DutchMuch
      how much did you change in what size pond? High nitrites are a sign of an uncycled pond, uncycled meaning you do not have beneficial bacteria building up and colonizing in your filtration system. Medicine is always a No-No to run to without a cause.
      May 21, 2017 at 6:32 AM
  7. Glen wallace
  8. ricksplace
  9. ricksplace
  10. Leeterboy
    Installed the new skimmer 4 my pond yesterday. Today I plan 2 connect my float valve 2 the skimmer & 2 my rain barrel collection system
  11. Tetra1
    Starting pond over this year, I just opened it up last week
  12. Tetra1
    My zone is 4b 5a
  13. CharlotteSC
    Hi Andy, Years ago I had all kinds of water plants. I need hyacinths to deal with my sunny pond. Im in upstate SC.
    1. CharlotteSC
      Sorry this messaging system confuses me. I'm in upstate SC. What would you charge to ship me about 10.
      May 7, 2017
  14. adavisus
    adavisus CharlotteSC
  15. adavisus
    adavisus tallyjakepack1
    1. tallyjakepack1
      Looking at 2 water hyacinth and 1 water hawthorne.
      May 7, 2017
  16. tallyjakepack1
    tallyjakepack1 adavisus
    Do you ship? If so, please let me know price. Thanks!
  17. Tina C.
    Tina C.
    T bought ten feeder fish because I was wanting more 'thrills' in my 2500 gal pond. next day every single one is gone. We have a bullfrog.
  18. Feddy
    260 Garden Pond. 45 mil liner, DIY mechanical/bio filter. Total Ponds 800GPH pump.
  19. callingcolleen1
    Spring Has Arrived Finally!!!
  20. Saint Louis guy