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  1. Oakesy
    No not added any products
  2. Michael from Daytona
    Michael from Daytona
    I'm a newbie who recently had my first "accident" - left garden hose running in my pond, lost 3 of my 15 goldies to toxicity. Feel awful!
  3. MickS66
    starting a new project the garden pond
    Currently overwhelmed
  5. Rock
    Let Everything That Has Breath Praise
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  6. cody
    Water feature lover!
  7. DutchMuch
    DutchMuch Dave 54
    To bad Dave isn't active anymore it seems... Sure was a cool dude..
  8. Suzanne Northcutt
    Suzanne Northcutt
    First year pond newbie and loving it
  9. dreampond
    Finally beginning my first pond!
  10. Chumley
    Chumley Lisak1
    Aquatica is moving the post. We are downsizing the transformer and placing it behind the rock in the front left. Thanks for the input
    1. Lisak1
      Good plan! I think you'll be so glad you did it and I'm glad they were agreeable!
      Jul 9, 2017
  11. adavisus
    adavisus CharlotteSC
    if you are still interested, let me know. A paypal for $26 will get 10 on the way
  12. Karri
    Hey there! We have an indoor pond that we have just got up and going within the last couple weeks and boy do I have some questions.
  13. CanadianPondLady
    Single, White , Female
  14. KitBird
    Hello! I am happy to have found a place where I can pick the brain of others for pond advice who are NOT trying to sell me something.
  15. chirogirl
    Chirogirl Hi happy to find pond friends. i have a 3800 gallon pond with koi & shubunkins.
  16. graham hellon
    graham hellon
    Hi I'm Graham and I live in the Wirral,UK.I have a 16000 gallon pond with 20 koi.Varying in size medium to large.
  17. vze3jnhz
    370 gallon Pond. 6 beautiful Fantail Comets. The largest must be 15" including tail. Orange and white.
    1. vze3jnhz
      I purchased a"bio/mechanical filter", a large 18" mass of mylar woven into a sphere. Very effective. Where can I buy more.?
      Jun 2, 2017
  18. Luna
    Cant find my pleco catfish in my pound
  19. Luna
    Cant find my pleco catfish
  20. Luna
    Way can't I find my pleco catfish in my pound