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  1. Mrs Christine Browning
    Mrs Christine Browning
    This was me after emptying my newly built pond. The builders did not clean the dust out of the pond before filling it.
  2. sarah walter
    sarah walter
    single and looking!! ha ha
  3. Limeymotors
    Tropical fish keeper now enjoying pond fish.
  4. Dave Turner
    Dave Turner
    Had new pond running since April water now crystal clear how often should I clean filter or do I leave alone .
  5. BillD55
    BillD55 koiguy1969
    Hey Koiguy - I have a 150gal Rubbermaid Stock Tank Skippy filter and need a weir. You still building them?
  6. joy voltear
    joy voltear
    Thank you for including me in your forum, I have an 18.5ft by 8.5 ft natural pond which I love
  7. LeeW
    Pfc 8000 filter looses the water pressure from the pond pump after 1 day when passing through the filter ?
  8. grafter
    Hi all. This is my garden with small pond it took me 3 months to get it like this
  9. lyle42000
    Nothing Is Impossible
  10. saugeye tom
    saugeye tom
    Huber heights ohio
  11. Chris Kostuk
    Chris Kostuk
    Hello everyone. Here is the most recent pond photo. A friend gave us 2 koi.Raccoons murdered some fish after they spawned. 30 goldies now.
  12. Cynthia Shelton
    Cynthia Shelton Patfish
    Hi Patfish - Port Clinton is about an hour or a little more west of me - up near the islands, right? I have been there and in the surrounding areas such as Marblehead and Put-In-Bay. It's beautiful there! I was actually in a small 2 seater plane with a friend of mine and he let me fly it over the islands! Very cool! I am loving this site and all the friendly helpful folks on it. Glad to know you!
  13. Patfish
    Patfish Cynthia Shelton
    Just wanted to say hi. I live in central Ohio and started my pond one year ago on labor day weekend.
    We have a trailer in Port Clinton ohio, are you close to there?
  14. peta hillman
    peta hillman
    peter or PETA! Time will tell.
  15. Crazme
    Living with n Ontario, Canada, where the geese have already started going south. Hope they,take shelter before they get to Florida!
  16. stonehouse
    Weather here 80 today but most of the time in the 60's.Calif.
    1. stonehouse
      I would like to enter bird photo -don't know where or how to start
      Sep 9, 2017
  17. Seasidejules
    New to ponding
  18. Oakesy
    No not added any products
  19. Michael from Daytona
    Michael from Daytona
    I'm a newbie who recently had my first "accident" - left garden hose running in my pond, lost 3 of my 15 goldies to toxicity. Feel awful!
  20. MickS66
    starting a new project the garden pond