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  1. Graham Katz
    Graham Katz
    My koi pond is 25000 lts with 10 koi and about 20 gold fish
  2. JBtheExplorer
  3. Barbara A Cronin
    Barbara A Cronin
    Hiding koi in bottom of pond, in the leaves. Why?
  4. EricV
    2500 gal built in 2016
  5. callingcolleen1
    Freezing Cold right now at -18 Fahrenheit!!
  6. D2daJAZ
    My Pond Is Empty and Dry
  7. Larry Dinglo
    Larry Dinglo
    Just a lover of garden ponds, and finding new ways to make mine spectacular.
  8. morewater
    morewater GinoLicious
    Gino, simply reply to the PM.

    As to supplier information, I would recommend Hydrosphere Water Gardens out of Bradford, Ontario. Great supplier. Check their website and you'll see the pricing on the AP20 as well as the sinking airline and the composite stone.

    The AP20 is under $150, the airline around $50 and a composite stone around $50.

    All The Best
  9. Colin_Pond
    the most common types of koi to find at a local "PetSmart"? I think I just got a 3'' Tora Ogon from my PetSmart...
    1. Colin_Pond
      I just got a 3'' (what I think is called a "Tora Ogon") from my local PetSmart, and I was just wondering, what kinds of koi I can expect to be most common to find at my pet smart. or any for that matter. i'm letting it grow out for the winter in a 70 gallon tank with a 4'' Platinum Ogon I had gotten from the same place.
      Oct 31, 2016
  10. Colin_Pond
    do any of you guys know, what the most common types of koi fish a local pet store like "PetSmart" will carry?
  11. Jonathan Church
    Jonathan Church koiguy1969
    Do you still make spillways?
    1. koiguy1969
      Oct 23, 2016
  12. ND pond
    ND pond
    Have dark fry in my pond. Koi or goldfish. Have 5 koi and 3 goldfish
  13. Fancypen
    Calgary, Alberta. Second year with pond. Closed up and ready for winter. Koi inside.
  14. John harton
    John harton
    Hi all I want to build a fish pond 9ftx6ft x4ft deep with a gravel planted bog garden to filter 7ftx3ftx1ft whats your thoughts,
    1. Becky
      Oct 7, 2016
  15. zanelle
    Living on the Big Island with raw lava and no dirt.
  16. Jeremy710
    Well started filling with water yesterday finally... putting the final touches on my plumbing and should have the water flowing by tomorrow.
  17. Susan
    I suspect swim bladder issues in a large goldfish. Should I fast all the fish for 3 days then feed cooked pea? I think I have overfed them
  18. sissy
    sissy addy1
    I think I did not post to you .I guess the head ache and my arm are taking a toll on me .Doggies owner has been found and dogs name is blaze .betty murphy 593 splendors gate rd axton va .going to med center i think i need stitchs .dog was missing for 3 days .His son was really excited to get his dog back .Owner is willing to pay for damages also
  19. Dennis
    New Pool to Pond Conversion
  20. Dave 54
    Dave 54 Marinegrunt
    I take it with a name like Marinegrunt your ex forces I'm a former Royal Navy man myself or do I have it wrong ?