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    My second pond a Dedicated Koi pond

    Exactly my thoughts, let's hope no herons visit either of our ponds. Thank you so much.
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    My second pond a Dedicated Koi pond

    True that. But if you ask me it's time which they lack. For a couple of years now they come in the middle of the night as they run a 12 hour business which seem to be doing rather well.
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    My second pond a Dedicated Koi pond

    Thanks a lot everyone, I will definety keep youll updated. I think my neighbors have lost interest in their pond. I hardly see them even looking at it.
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    My second pond a Dedicated Koi pond

    Well a Heron has pearched by the side of the pond once but no incidences of attack. My neighbors pond is a better hunting ground for it so he flocks there most of the time. Thanks Thanks Tula.
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    My second pond a Dedicated Koi pond

    Alpravinosh submitted a new Showcase Item: My secon pond a Dedicated Koi pond Read more about this showcase item here...
  7. My second pond a Dedicated Koi pond

    My second pond a Dedicated Koi pond

    After building my first pond with much effort and help I got 8 koi from Japan and stocked it up. After about 6 months they out grew the pond (800 gallons) so I knew I had to build another. After about a year of planning and construction it's almost done. I wanted it to a be a dedicated koi pond...
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    Green Pond

    Hi there, I believe a UV clarifier and some added aeration will help a long way.
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    filtration for 1350 gal pond

    Hello Jared welcome to the forum. What a huge leap for you from reefing to 'ponding'. I too was around your age when I built my fish pond and just like you I came to this forum for help and advise, you came to the right place. Well I am from Malaysia so I can't really quote brands and products...
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    August Photo of the Month

    Something simple yet elegant.
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    New pond ideas

    So sorry if I made an error but I did find the photos of that pump- filter under the link that Mica posted the pond. It could be that fountain extension was removed and the water was allowed to flow back in. But sorry again if I did make a mistake.
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    Before and after

    I am sorry to see that your spring enjoyment of your pond has been ruined by snow. But sometimes I just wish it would snow down here in Malaysia, where we are currently facing one of our most hottest season. Hope it gets better for you tough, all the best.
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    New pond ideas

    Hi Mike welcome to the forum. That is actually a pump you outside the pond. But is connected via a hose to filter pads in the pond. It sucks water through the pads to filter the water and spits back the water back into the pond. I hope this helps and good luck with you pond build. It would be...
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    DIY Filter and other questions.

    I completely agree with Meyer. What you could do maybe is hook up another pump to solely feed your waterfall.