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    Found a huge tadpole!

    Both bullfrog and green frog tadpoles are massively huge! How fun to discover your little guy!
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    They like wet feet

    Wow! I am also in Virginia (right outside of DC), and Lantana is absolutely an annual here. My sister (who lives 3 miles away) has occasionally gotten it to return if we have a warm winter and she heavily covers it in leaf mulch, but I've never gotten it to return.
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    One of my purchased tadpoles is now a full frog! Do I need to do anything?

    Thanks! Throughout my yard, I have TONS of native plants, and I usually have swarms of bees, butterflies, moths, and birds, as well as a few wasps and a few dragonflies. So far this year, I've only seen carpenter bees, a few honeybees, and songbirds, but I'm hoping the other insects and birds...
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    One of my purchased tadpoles is now a full frog! Do I need to do anything?

    I have a VERY small "pond" (water feature) that is approximately 35 gallons, and I threw a few purchased tadpoles in it. I've been watching one of the tadpoles as it grew legs, but it seemed to have "disappeared" about a week ago. Well, yesterday, I discovered a frog (small, but definitely no...
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    Solar Powered pumps ?

    I have VERY small ponds (more like water features, I guess), but I do use solar pumps and air stones. Granted, my "ponds" are all under 60 gallons each.
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    What hunts for trapdoor snails?

    Yikes! I have a major phobia of raccoons. :oops::eek: An irrational, over-the-top, absurd phobia. I might be putting netting over that pond beginning this afternoon, once I am finished with all my online meetings. :p Thank you!
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    What hunts for trapdoor snails?

    This morning, I found a broken trapdoor snail shell, a broken ramshead snail shell, a water lettuce, and a floating fake lily flower on the stones just below the edge of one of my ponds (which has a "lip," so it isn't as though these things floated out of the pond on their own), along with...
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    1st timer looking for advice

    That is BEAUTIFUL! WOW! I wish I had done something like this (or had the room and talent to do something like this!) when I started my first pond last spring. I have two TINY ponds, one of which is in a storage container, and they are pretty ugly! My ponds are primarily for plants, and I am...
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    When to put in hardy water lillies?

    Well, I put the plants in today! Keeping my fingers crossed that they'll do well!
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    When to put in hardy water lillies?

    Thanks! Last year, I grew mine in wide, shallow "pots" with a mix of aquatic soil, litter, and gravel. I should try osmocote instead of the ridiculously expensive aquatic fertilizer spikes I bought. :) As a newbie, I fell for the idea that I had to buy "special everything." I'm learning!
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    When to put in hardy water lillies?

    Thank you! Good idea to put them outside first. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow during the day. Thank you!
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    When to put in hardy water lillies?

    This will only be my second season with two TINY ponds, plus a few "container ponds" in flower pots. I am still very, very new to ponds, but I love them so far! Early last week, I bought two of those hardy water lily bulbs at Lowes, as well as one pickeral weed. All three plants are currently...
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    What do you feed your goldfish?

    I tried something new today-- I plopped a few small spoonfuls of baby food peas into the pond, plopping each mound on a rock that was about 3-4" below the surface of the water. Three of my goldfish went CRAZY for the peas, sucking them up as though they had straws in their mouths! The other...
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    Feeder fish dying - what's normal rate of loss?

    While four of my feeder comets are very "basic looking," I think two of the comet goldfish I have are quite beautiful! One is almost entirely white, but with a bright orange mouth and a large, "big fan" tail. The other is his mirror-image twin-- almost entirely bright orange, but with a white...
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    Lotus Plants from seed.

    I grew about 36 lotus seedlings this spring, and every single one of them died. :cry: I'm following this thread now to get ideas for the future, for I'd like to try again! I started mine in dechlorinated water. Once the green was about 4-6 inches long, I carefully moved each seedling to a...