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    I need help and advice

    I am in SC although unfortunately not as close to the ocean :( I don't do water changes but do top off the water that evaporates. My pond sits in full sun so I add some fresh water each week during the summer. I have stopped feeding the fish as the nights are getting colder.
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    I use round black plastic trash cans. We cut the bottom out and cut some random holes in the sides. The holes allow it to sink to the bottom of the pond and I can easily remove it if needed.
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    Skimmer - the Fish Killer

    I cut a piece of plastic deer fencing and attached it to the front of mine with cable ties.
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    Help I am at the end of my rope!!!

    I feel your pain. I've had my pond for seven years and it was never clear, despite my best efforts. We installed a bog filter this year and within two weeks it was clear all the way to the bottom. Its about 3-4 feet deep. It was the best decision I ever made and I wish I had done it years ago.
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    September 2019 Photo of the Month - Plants around your pond

    Elephant ear planted in our bog filter.
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    August 2019 Photo of the Month - Summer

    Thanks I will look for some.
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    August 2019 Photo of the Month - Summer

    Are these coneflowers? Do you know the name of them? I love the color.
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    Pond fish jumping towards water fall

    Mine do that to eat the algae that grows on the liner there.
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    Fish injury

    After not seeing this fish for almost two weeks, I was sure that she was a goner. I kept hoping because I had not found any evidence of her demise. She showed herself yesterday looking great. A small amount of redness left on her sides from the original injury but she was up and more vigorous...
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    Bog question.

    The bog has been running for a few weeks. The water is clearer than it has been in a long time; however, there is a brown sludge building up on surface of the gravel. It looks like dead algae. Is this normal? Should I try to remove it? I am thinking of trying to vacuum it off with a shop vac.
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    Bog build!

    No, our pump is external so we used 2 inch pvc. It's painted black to blend in with the tank. I will try to get a better pic later today.
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    Bog build!

    I still need to do some camouflage plantings to hide pipes but I'll have to wait until we are expecting rain.
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    Fish injury

    Yes except that the bog is at the top.
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    Bog build!

    My pump pumps about 8500 gph but we did add a ball valve that will allow us to turn the flow down.
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    Bog build!

    We finished the bog this weekend and it appears to be working great! The water is clearer than it has ever been and the fish are much more active. I have canna lillies, creeping jenny, impatiens, umbrella palm, cattails and papyrus along with two tomato plants thrown in to see how they will...