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    What does your pond look like ... Today?

    Love the pergola. How big is it? Did you do that yourself or have someone build it for you?
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    What to feed the fish?

    What are some recommendations for feeding some Koi and Goldfish that I just acquired? Largest Koi is about 14 inches and they go down in size from there, most in the 8-12 inch range. A total of 9 of them and then a few goldfish as well. I have read to try and avoid food that use corn meal as...
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    Water cloudy from sand and dirt of new build

    Hi all, I am building a new pond. Boulders are mostly set except by waterfall which has to be built yet. The-pea gravel in my bog filter and the stone I used for the bottom of the pond added a lot of sand and dirt to the pond. Will this settle out over time or do I need to drain, rinse, and...
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    Here is my pond up and running in NJ

    Really nice looking pond. Especially like the waterfall. We just finished digging for ours, so I hope to enjoy it soon. Still a lot of work to be done but really looking forward to the relaxation it will provide.
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    My 2000 Gallon Garden Pond

    I see that you said it was a 30x30 liner, does that include the bog area as well? I really like the look of your pond. Excellent job on the build.
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi CometKeith I am jumping In both feet so to speak. When watching numerous videos and looking at pictures I decided I wanted to build a bigger pond in hopes of avoiding the expansion urge soon after the new build. Plus we live on a cul de sac and have a pretty good sized backyard. My pond is...
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    Hello Everyone

    Brokensword you are going to have to teach me what all the acronyms mean. Lol.
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone, I‘m new here and am building my first pond in the backyard. Still in the digging process right now, but I’m sure I am going to have lots of questions. Been browsing the forum for the last few days. Look forward to communicating with others here with similar interests.