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    What does your pond look like ... Today?

    Things greening up, lily pads hitting the surface, fish swimming around. And the swimmin' pond.
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    What size piping for a 1000 gal

    I have a 1500-2000 gallon pond, I'm using 1.5" pipe, with a Laguna 4500gph pump. My big pond is about 6000 gallon, with 2" pipe, and 86gpm pump. They both seem to be doing fine.
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    If this, then that... My morning rant

    I had a saltwater aquarium once. That's where I learned about the importance of algae and natural cycles. The theory transfers over to our fresh water ponds, but with fresh water we have a bit more leeway.
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    How to get rid of algae

    Algae is part of the natural cycle. It's just a plant. Albeit a microscopic one. It does no harm, and keeps the water at a safe quality for the fish etc. Sure, it clouds up the pond, turning the water green for a while, but once the other plants start to take over, the algae will majicaly...
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    PVC liner vs EPDM

    Oh, and when properly done, EPDM can be successfully mated to PVC, in a stream bed. I doubt I would try it in the middle of a pond. ;)
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    PVC liner vs EPDM

    I constantly hear all this talk about PVC liner not lasting more than a month or two, and EPDM being the best since pants pockets. My first pond is a combo of PVC, and EPDM, What I have found is this: After however many years it's been, both seem to be holding up ok. I did notice that where...
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    Pond filtration

    Pea gravel and plants?
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    Use of sand

    When I installed my bog, the silt from the pea gravel did what silt does. But it finally settled out after a week or two.
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    Green sludge in pond

    When I put in my first pond, it took about 6 months for me to quit fussing with it in an attempt to get rid of the green stuff. Then I just gave up, and decided to just leave it alone. It cleared up in about a week, and has been clear since. I learned a lot on that first pond, and found that...
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    If this, then that... My morning rant

    Bad information is not limited to ponds. I've seen many YT videos that attempt to show "how it's done", but simple common sense tells me that it's not right. Now when I see one that shows a different way, that works, well, there's more than one way to skin a cat. Mabe we should attempt...
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    The first green up of spring.

    It's upon us now. That time between winter, and full spring. When algae blooms, before the bog plants are fully awake.
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    GFCI woes

    Went out to find a pond not running. GFCI was tripped. Found grass had grown up and made contact. Removed what I thought was the problem. Re-set, and it ran for about a minute, and tripped again. At that point, I un plugged everything, and systematically tried each device individually. Found...
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    Hoping someone can jog my memory on pump priming

    connected to bottom drain. and assuming the line is full all the way to the intake screen, I would think there is some sort of blockage in the intake, not allowing enough water to flow. But then again, losing prime indicates air getting into the system. Assuming the pond is full, you may have a...
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    Hoping someone can jog my memory on pump priming

    I have one external pump. It's about 18 inches below full pool. Priming is not an issue. ;) It's only intake is a skimmer, bottom of which is about 5 inches below full pool.
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    First-time ponder / bogger. Help..

    just an answer to a question about plumb bob, and level.