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    Celebrating 1st Anniversary of Wildlife Pond

    Thank you for your kind words. No fish at all. All that I've added are plants —mostly natives. I'm hoping to attract some frogs, but none so far. I think you're right about predators: on the trail cam videos I can see the raccoons feeling around as if searching for clams or oysters or something...
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    Celebrating 1st Anniversary of Wildlife Pond

    Last spring (pandemic lockdown time) I began designing and constructing a new major addition to my garden—a wildlife pond. On April 27, 2020, the water went in and the creatures began to arrive. I designed the pond for two major reasons: to attract wildlife (particularly birds) and to enhance...
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    Chickens at Pondside

    Thank you @poconojoe! I designed it that way because I wanted to make certain that animals go in and out had easy access (on at least two sides). Birds, including our chickens, seem to appreciate it.
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    Chickens at Pondside

    What an expansive run for chickens—with sunshine and shade and plenty of good dirt for dust bathing. Lovely setup, but I wonder if the netting on the top will be enough to keep raccoons out? Since so many things love to eat chickens, guarding against predators is the main purpose to a coop/run...
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    Chickens at Pondside

    We're having hot days and nights here in Nashville and our chickens (Leggy, Buffy, and Sussie) have discovered that the new wildlife pond is an excellent place to drink. Although the pond has become a magnet for songbirds to bath in, the chickens are more demur about venturing in. However, the...
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    What does your pond look like ... Today?

    Incredible! Isn't it amazing that such a beautiful scene is in your own backyard—and due, in part, to your own work and design and creativity? The sun retains credit for illuminating everything in such a glow, but your work primed the canvas . . . Just stunning. Thank you for sharing.
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    In celebration of high summer & my first waterlily bloom . . . a poem by Mary Oliver

    I'll make that wish tomorrow when the lily opens up again. Thank you.
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    In celebration of high summer & my first waterlily bloom . . . a poem by Mary Oliver

    It is hot, hot, hot here in Nashville, but my wildlife pond (not quite three months old) is abuzz with dragonflies coastal blue in their color. The crimson red of the cardinal flowers are coming into their own and hummingbirds are starting to notice. And in the midst of it all, a surprise: a...
  9. Music City fox visiting pond

    Music City fox visiting pond

    Our pond is about 3 miles from the center of downtown Nashville—so we're in a fairly urban area in a neighborhood with small lots (our is just over a 1/3 of an acre). Nevertheless, we've had an elegant little fox visiting our pond since we inaugurated it on April 27, 2020.
  10. Early summer morning

    Early summer morning

  11. Nightlife at pond

    Nightlife at pond

    Trail cam videos capturing night visitors to my wildlife pond
  12. Fox visiting pond

    Fox visiting pond

  13. Fox visiting pond in early morning

    Fox visiting pond in early morning

    Our trail cam caught this stylish visitor shortly after 5 a.m.
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    Hi from Pennsylvania

    Your photo made me smile—not only because your pond is beautiful (I love the lush stand of pickerel weed in bloom), but because you're sitting there looking over your handiwork and obviously are so happy and contented to be there. What a wonderful scene. Thank you for sharing and a warm, warm...
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    Incredible! What an amazing photo! Do you know what kind of frog eggs these are?