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    Brokensword's bit of pond heaven [Deleted]

    This item has been removed.
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    Animated Gifs

    are you including animated gifs in signatures with this? Or just posts? And it's my opinion that such does not take away from the help we give and does indeed help bring newbies not only back, but give them more reason to stay and be fruitful members of GPF, instead of getting their problem...
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    Building pond in Israel by a Granny!

    [AMTI insertion; I TOO had to use a pickaxe on my first build, the clay was so hard and dry. The second time, it was early spring, much easier as the clay was soft. Still didn't like the digging but at least I could use a shovel on all of it!] hahahahahah; that's funny on more than one...
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    Creeping Charlie. Can it replace grass as a lawn?

    like most plants, PJ, if you turn your back and ignore it, you WiLL have issues. You can keep ivy short by mowing it, you can cut it back off trees and buildings; just monitor YEARLY, not every 5 or so. It doesn't grow that fast but is very hardy. Myrtle is softer growth and has the blue...
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    Goldfish looks dirty/black spots. Help please

    yeppa; that's OTG policy here at GPF; if anything looks ugly, we take it down to the moat and hold it down under the water for a bitty. Oh, not what you're thinking; it's so's they gets themselves an eyeful of something worse!!! Lil Queenie rulz, don'tcha...
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    Russell Water gardens - thoughts on their Pondless kits?

    ahhh, the innocence of youth...we gots sooooooo much ta teach ya, young padawan! :cool: :D ;)
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    Building pond in Israel by a Granny!

    I'm like a cat; got nine heads and still ya can't aim!
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    Trex for water feature?

    I agree; might even see about whipping one up for my pond, though I'm running out of room! I think something like this should be a main feature and might not be appropo where I'm thinking of putting would be cool! What? NO waterwheel anigif??? Hard to believe...
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    Goldfish looks dirty/black spots. Help please

    if I'm guessing correctly, this 'pipe' is one of those 'kinkless' hoses? You just found out why most here will tell you to replace it with some flex pvc. Fixin' and cleanin' in the storm; you MUST be a die-hard ponder! Good job! As others have noted; I see dots on some of my fish too and...
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    Building pond in Israel by a Granny!

    what you keep missin' Missy, is that since you refuse to go on scheduling duty, YOU don't get to assign sleeping arrangements no more; since you've fobbed THAT job over to my section, I gets ta do the dirty work; I already claimed the loft, Dime is in the big room by the kitchen (in case he...
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    My first proper pond

    SEEEE????? SEEEE FishGUY????? THIS is what we're looking fer in the OTG! Outside the inside of the box thinking! Brilliant! And since it is succcccchhhhhhhhh a good idea, we'll be expectin' updates now on YOUR LPS and all that that entails...tree, smree; get out that chainsaw...
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    My first proper pond

    watch out whipper snapper; don't go giving the Boss more ideas what she can do with my fee time, hey? :D :cool:
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    ooooh, we gots us an axolotl gang now???? Where do I sign up? Didn't get no text 'bout it...dayum nobody tells me nuthin'!!
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    My first proper pond

    awww, poor FishGuy; still thinkin' its a job...tis a DISEASE, dear padawon. Btw, resistance is futile...even if you get the jab! And I quoteth from thee Pond Bibliodocuque; "thou shall pulleth outeth any treeth thatth standth in thoust way" LPS is the Balrog to your little Gandalf tree...
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    Scottish Newbie

    that's our lil Queenie; chief butt dragger!! ;):cool::p And I don't doubt your ability, either!