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    Gettin' Weird About a Pond Pump

    I woke up this morning, and is my normal routine I made my coffee and gazed out the window to the back yard to see that my fountain was not running. I went to check and after a little diagnosis I determined the pump had bitten the dust. Unexpectedly, I had a feeling of sadness as I looked at the...
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    What plant is this?

    Ha! My first thought that it's Johnsongrass... Spent many summers on a tractor trying to kill that stuff.
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    Water lettuce and hyacinth

    I'm a long-time gardener, but have little experience with water plants. My water lettuce and hyacinths have EXPLODED in growth the last several weeks. So much so they nearly cover my pond. Do they normally grow this fast? Especially so late in the season? I've not been feeding any more than...
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    New pond, fish are flourishing, but water quality isn't perfect

    I'm new to ponding as well, but have never tested either. I did, however, have an established pond with lots of plants and have never had any issue with an over abundance of algae despite my fish load. I gave up on water clarity pretty recently as I fear I'm fighting a losing battle due to the...
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    Middle Tennessee pond repair

    I see that I'm a couple of months late to the party, but the people at Emerald Bay in Old Hickory recommended Bob Snyder for pond maintenance and repair; 615-654-3799 I've not used Bob's services but I trust the guys at Emerald Bay. You folks live on the West side? I've got plants to divide...
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    2500 Gallon Teapot

    OMG... I love this stuff. I've cleaned and cleaned but how much detritus this stuff bubbled to the surface was incredible! The little string algae I had was totally dissolved. Not to mention the fish are so active it's like I put amphetamines in the water. The tannins weren't reduced like I'd...
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    Cleaning silt etc. from bottom of pond

    I'm a total noob to ponding; I've had fish before but not on this scale. My pond was neglected for at least 10 years before I started to clean it and the fight with the sludge began. Your pretty green hair algae is covered with it and that's why it's brown. I can look in my pond and see exactly...
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    2500 Gallon Teapot

    Is it safe with the fish in the pond? I can't seem to find a straight answer to that question using Google...
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    2500 Gallon Teapot

    Please tell me you experience with this.
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    Cleaning silt etc. from bottom of pond

    Having just been through this with my inherited pond, all I can say is just get ready to get dirty. The ladies have given you good advice; I saved as much water as I could when I emptied my pond into an above-ground pool and parked the fish there while cleaning. Muck-rinse, muck-rinse...
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    These Goldies are never satisfied.

    My comets and shubunkins are varying age and the older, larger fish follow me around the pond all in a tizzy wanting to be fed. The younger ones could not care less and completely ignore what's going on. They just work the rocks, plants and are as FAT as they can be.
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    2500 Gallon Teapot

    I just ordered some filter-bags of activated charcoal, figuring that was the way to go. I guess Kingsford briquets wouldn't work?
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    2500 Gallon Teapot

    Another battlefront has emerged in my war with the muck. I've been diligently working to remove years of organic debris from my pond, and have made some steady progress with water clarity. However, it's become obvious that tannins have stained the water a lovely Earl Grey brown. I've read on...
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    Questions regarding cleaning out pond and building bog

    I don't have a whole lot of experience with ponds, but I do with muck. (got that in spades) I would remove as much muck as you can, by any means that you can muster; shovel, rake, trash pump... I made a scoop out of a plastic gallon jug to get to the last of it in my pond. I'd also remove the...
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    What plug should I use?

    Hello and welcome! I'm not trying to be snarky, but the label you posted says "Consult with a qualified electrician if in doubt about any aspect of wiring"... That's probably some good advice.