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    New to building pond

    I would suggest at least 3 feet in depth. Your fish will appreciate it :icon_mrgreen:
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    Would like a little help!!!

    I see that not many people have any ideas:grumble: But int he interum I have decided that I am going to use concrete to form my chambers and the wall between them and the pond. Then cover them with EDPM. This will insure that I can keep the fish safe :eek: and I will not have to worry about the...
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    My Pond - Pics taken in evening

    beautiful pond. I like the spiked plant on the side there. What is it?
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    Start to finish

    Great job on the craftmanship of the pond. LOOKS are important!!!! I too started with aquariums and now the pond bug has got me. My wife called me obsessed the other day.
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    Did you dig it?

    I am digging mine by hand now. !st 12 inches easy. next 10 not so easy. I am almost at 25 to 30 inches to go. I do this mostly on days off so it is taking time but not too long. Best part is the walls slope from here on out. Hey at least I can say I am almost half way done. With the pond that...
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    Would like a little help!!!

    iI realized that I forgot a few things when I first posted. I willl have a skimmer oppposite the water falls. I know that the pumps may not be as large as I say, but I want to plan for more than I need.. Cost reduction is key!!!! I have so much I want to do, but only so much in funds. I will...
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    Would like a little help!!!

    I currently have 1000 gal pond and am currently building a much larger pond. The new pond is 14 ft x 16 ft x 5 ft deep. I am hand digging this out. I enjoy the work. I will have a 2 waterfalls and about 8 to 10 feet of stream. This will be a 2 pump system 1 for waterfall and bottom drains (...