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    Activated Carbon

    Activated charcoal. I order it online. eBay. It comes in one pound zip bags. Which are handy. I keep them after and add filter padding or loose barley pellets. I think all pond peeps have a stash of spare bags lol. I started using it a couple yes ago. Notice a difference within a day or two.
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    What is your weather like ... today

    38 right now In Colorado. Suppose to get to 68. Little cloudy. We have Been feeling like spring
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    It’s Shubunkin. I had a good 40 in my pond for 15 yrs. they get metallic and range in colors. Mine had beautiful long tails. We’re decent in size as well. They bred with my koi one year which was insane to me. I ended up with black metallic fish. They were gorgeous. Just rarely seen lol
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    Been a long time

    I was cleaning my pond yesterday. Added a new Mugo pine to the space. Received an email from the forum this morning. Guess it was in the air. Just checking in and saying hello. Hoping to bring some new fish home soon.
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    My fat fat koi

    You can barely see the poor little guy beneath him. Who happens to be only a few months younger than this beast. Lol. Dang fish thinks he's a cow.
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    What is the black stuff growing on my waterfall? Is it a problem?

    I don't think it's a matter of growing. I think it's sludge from waste. I had an issue like that. I cleaned my filters and added an Eco cleaner. I also clanged some water out and added carbon to clear up some of the brown water coloring
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    Lost 4 fish this weekend..

    Wow. I watched the video. So glad I don't have that problem not to say I won't some day. Sorry for the losses.
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    27" AppleApple
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    Pond Build! Upgrading from 400 gallons to 2000 gallons. With Bottom Drain.

    :( for you. I live in the mountains and rocks just come at ya. Lol
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    Pond Build! Upgrading from 400 gallons to 2000 gallons. With Bottom Drain.

    Looks good. This is about the time I dug out mine originally. The soil is just soft enough. Looking at that hole makes me want to make mine bigger. Lol. It's a sickness.
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    I've never heard of that one. I do give my guys frozen peas and they like romain lettuce.
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    When to add trapdoor snails

    Goldfish/koi LOVE snails. Slurp!!! Even my goldfish in my aquarium ate the large golden snails I bought once.
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    cant decide... goldfish and koi or just koi?

    Hmm. Well I have Shubunkins and koi. I love my koi although they are not butterfly koi. I get the beautiful speckle colors from my shubunkins and the pretty long tails. I like the large and small size. I do have the black colored in my pond. Supposedly those are from koi and shubunkins breeding...
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    pond cycle?

    I get spring bloom. I think everyone does. Barley straw or barley pellet in a bag helps. Start it now, it tends to get ahead of it. I also use ecofix. The line has algae fix also. You can find it at petco, petsmart.
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    Your suggestions please...

    I also have fish so I tend to get frog bit and fairy moss. They love it.