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    Little red worm like thing what are they

    Bloodworms. Pull them out and throw them into the pond. The fish will love them.
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    What is your weather like ... today

    111 yesterday. We're expecting 114 today. 87 right now at 8:47AM
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    Adding on to pond

    That's really not recommended at all. You could put in a completely new pond and join the two with a 4"-6" pipe for the fish to swim through.
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    The "cheap" feeder comets at the pet store here are like $1.99 each. To get a comet that's 4" lone, you can count on paying $7.99. To get one that's like 8", you're looking at paying $14.99. I can see why people would be willing to pay gas to come get comets.
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    Treats we feed our fish?

    Cheerios. Mine freakin' love Cheerios.
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    New Koi

    The black Koi isn't really good luck. The Japanese believe that an all black Koi will absorb the BAD luck. It's almost exactly like their cricket in a cage/box superstition.
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    Pic of lily pond

    19 today not counting the night lily. Looks almost exactly the same, so I didn't take a pic.
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    Pic of lily pond

    I have been so thrilled with my lilies this year. REALLY reaffirms my decision to spend the time and money on a lily pond when I redid my Koi pond. I figured that I would like it because I liked it so much last year. Honestly, I'm enjoying the lily pond as much or more than the Koi pond.
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    I put motion sensitive switches in our kitchen and dining room. They made a HUGE difference. I also put in a digital thermostat (timing controlled) to control heat/air. Big difference in usage. The ones that I bought for our kitchen and dining room work great in daylight.
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    Should be fine. My buddy was growing it in a 55 gallon drum last year. He went out every other monday and threw a miracle grow stick in the barrel.
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    Pic of lily pond

    I think that the ones to the left are the ones that I got from you J.W.
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    Pic of lily pond

    17 completely open and one partially open. That makes 18. New record for me. The one front and center is the Ceylon that I got from LilyLady.
  13. Lily Pond

    Lily Pond

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    Can either koi or shubunkin goldfish mate with plecostomus?

    Plecos tend to die off if the water temp is below 70F. There have been cases of Pleco that have survived in water down into the mid 60s though it is VERY unusual.
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    Hose Chlorine Filter

    You can buy or make a charcoal filter for the hose. The following is a link to a premade dechlor for a hose.