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    Fish acting lethargic

    Have a lawn service? Could anything have washed into the water?
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    Fish acting lethargic

    It was a POOL liner - not specifically for a pond?
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    Fish acting lethargic

    I was experiencing the same thing a few weeks ago. Be honest - have you added any fish? Even one? I have had a pond for over 20 years and I was housing someone's fish, and without thinking - just released him into my water. Well, NINE fish deaths later - I am paying the price. I will NEVER...
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    Laying on their sides

    I think red inside the gills is a good sign - blood and oxygen. Never known leaves or berries to be a problem. Can you check the water? It was when my fish's gills turned from red to grey that they perished.
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    It came with the house

    Oooh - that is a beautiful pond! Plants certainly make the pond, don't they? So natural looking!
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    fertilizer problem ???

    In my opinion I would say unlikely it was the compost. But - it was definitely for use in ponds? Do you have a lawn service that may have come too close to the water? Any new fish added lately? Was the gravel straight out of the bag? No chance it was contaminated? Consider every...
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    How do I keep my key from eating the plants?

    Someone once told me "In a pond you either have plants or koi". I can only keep plants in baskets on the side shelves, and if their leaves dip into the water - goodbye.
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    Newbie needs help, water won't clear

    But someone experiencing the same problems might read it.
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    Slowing Down Already?

    Paul - I tested my water today with that exact kit, plus an additional test for copper. All tests came out good. The phosphate level was high, but it is not toxic. I took a jar of the water to a man who runs a koi store, Plus, I took him one of two MORE fatalities from my pond. The total...
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    Why can't I get my pond water clear!!!

    I have a huge Dragon Tongue plant that outgrew its basket and now occupies almost one entire side of the pond. When it droops over in the late spring it covers nearly half the surface of the water - providing much needed shade. You can drop a cinder block or some other square flat item in and...
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    Newbie needs help, water won't clear

    As previously said, be patient! I go through cloudy, or tea-colored water almost every spring. Things are getting settled - you have plants in there that might have let some dirt escape. I can't imagine the ducks are helping to clear it! It's hard to wait, but you have to! Don't give up -...
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    Some 5"-6" butterfly

    Wow! I have one right now that is at least a foot long, and one of its offspring. I would like to get more - they are enchanting!
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    Newbie Needs Advice

    It doesn't look very deep, so if you don't keep the top of the water moving it will freeze. Then obviously the fish will perish. You may be able to get away with just aeration in your zone, but you might want to invest in a floating heater that is ok to use around plastic. (won't melt it if...
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    Hatchling DBTs

    That is just fantastic! :shame:
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    Slowing Down Already?

    Well - I'm embarrassed to say, but yes. I guess after so many years without a fatality I was feeling a little bit invincible. My friend with the pond was having water issues and she only had one fish left so I told her I would house it until she got it together. Because of the size of my...