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Val and I are Founding Fathers to the Plymouth and district koi keepers society est 1991
We were nominated for the koi magazines koi hall of fame in 2009 by former Plymouth society member who is now a fish sciences lecturer and koi expert.
We love collecting fine art koi art have a life long love of Rock music
We are and have been putting toether a large library koi/fish/koi/fish health/Fish disease/Fish behavuor/fish Pathology and more recently Fish nutrition books as a sort of reference library
Collectables, Benaya tiles and many other things.
We lost a dear friend to cancer two years ago and try to do many charitable things for the charities Cancer, MD and the guide dogs for the blind .
United Kingdom
Hardiness Zone
Pond(s) Description
Above ground koi pond, 1,000 gallons imperial




Val and I have been keeping koi now for the past 28 years our mission to educate people about the life spans of all fish including our beloved koi "fish are not just throw away commodities, fish are for life".
"This is something we take very seriously indeed as should others"....
We are conciderd founding fathers to the Plymouth anf District Society a section of the British koi keepers Society.
Ran the koi keepers Unleashed website for three years and am administrator https://www.facebook.com/groups/koikeeperunleashed/requests/
Were nominated for the koi magazines koi hall of fame 2009 [a turning point in our hobby].
Something which was greatly appreciated from a former section member now fish lecturer and koi expert


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