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    Still not well even after latest operation

    Thanx guys hope all is well with you other news the filter shed is doing its best keeping the pond temp at a greater temperature than the outside giving us 12c with an outside temp of 1c in the first test of extreme cold of the start of winter all last winters survivors are doing well. Won't be...
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    Still not well even after latest operation

    So sorry folks about my continuing health issues, as you know I had two operations in 2017, they worked out quite well however I was scheduled for reconstructive foot surgery which I underwent earlier in the summer, it was one of the most painful operations I have ever undergone in my 60+years...
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    Sorry for continued absence

    He has accute pancreatitus from what the experts say with gallstones and other complications but is comfortable Dave
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    Any of my fish friends know what this is please

    Looks like the site of a scale that's all. The koi remember is a varient of the doitsu it may not have scales but it's still a doitsu. So nothing to panic about Dave
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    Sorry for continued absence

    Just heard my stepdad was rushed to hospital suffering from chronic pancreatitus. This is almost a year since mum died. Much to say we are very concerned about his illness he being 80 now can we ask you all to pray for a speedy recovery Dave
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    What is the difference from pond salt and sea salt that is much cheaper

    As to the salt issue one should never use table salt as there are impurities in it. You can if you wish buy large sacks of medicated pond salt if you wish, or simply go to your usual supermarket and buy 3kg sacks of cooking salt and use that instead it's a darn site cheaper than the medicated...
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    I only have two books on water gardening both are a number of years old Water Gardens in a weekend ISBN 060060697x Author Peter Robinson. The second John Dawes's Book of Water Gardens ISBN 0866226621 Author John Dawes. Hope they help Dave
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    Val and I are in total shock.

    Yep I do my friend Dave
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    Val and I are in total shock.

    x Dave
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    Sorry for continued absence

    Hi everybody please accept my upmost apologies for my continued absence, Val is my main worry at this moment in time as she has not well, she developed large leg ulcers just prior to her going in for her knee replacement and it has been the devil of a job to get them to respond to treatment. If...
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    Can goldfish have a stroke?

    Do goldfish have strokes @Patfish in answer to that I would say yes they can, I've seen a koi die from a heart attack at one of our shows However Looking at the photo of your fish i would say that you have issues with water quality in your pond The fish looks stressed out of to the eyeballs at...
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    Spammers on GPF(?)

    Oh we are the nights of the round table who love to eat the :spam: allot:singing::coffee: :oops: sorry @Lisak1 (now would I do that :playful:) ???? Dave 54
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    Spammers on GPF(?)

    I agree with both @MitchM and @Lisak1 , you learn to spot them quite early though the odd ones selling something sometimes geting through , but not very often. Some folks however are just out to create mischief and strife on a somewhat large scale, (we had one woman banned from three sites in...
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    Bug in my filters

    Karon these are a type of aquatic pill bug and they are a major plus to your filtration which is healthy and capable of holding life, If you look closer you may just find small earth worms living in your filter too (we have) loads of both in our filter system if you look closer still with a...