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    Spider lily blooms

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    Automatic feeders

    I use Koi Cafe.
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    Savio skimmer and UV

    Anjo and Savio company's merged give Anjo a [email protected] 1-800-553-5605
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    Anybody know what the name of this tree is?

    Looks like a Weeping White Spruce Picea glauca 'Pendula'
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    Aquadyne Pump Problem

    Just call Aquadyne and tell them your problem.
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    AC -> DC -> AC pond wiring - good idea or stupid?

    excellent dc pump.
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    Pond Pump Suggestions
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    Any way to get a sieve above the water line?

    If you don't need the shower don't use it. aerated bottom drain not required.
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    Algae in inherited pond, suggestions appreciated

    When was the last time you changed your UV lamp?
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    Any way to get a sieve above the water line?
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    Fake Rock Idea

    Here's a large one I made in 2004. It's winter now and the plants are dead.
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    New puppy... Anybody else?

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    For Sale Aquascape Pro Hudson Fill Valve

    Still Available?
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    Skimmer pump recommendations
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    What does Tofu taste like?

    I'll pass on the tofu but my koi love it.