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    "Late" day blooming lily

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a variety of lily that blooms late in the day? My lilies are done blooming by the time I get off work. I prefer not to get a night blooming lily for a couple of reasons: First, I would rather have hardy lily, we are zone 3-4ish. Second, it looks as...
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    Rookie pond owner plant questions

    OMG your pond is so beautiful! I can't believe how clear it is. I can only dream!!
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    Water lily suggestions, please — looking for pads, pads, pads!

    I have a Black Princess that really expanded the 2nd year. Lots of pads, dense cover, over about 4 feet. Beautiful flowers, too. Looking forward to seeing it this 3rd year. Also love my Sioux! There are lots of pads, but they are smaller pads, so give more of a "dappled" shade underneath...
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    Stuck snail?

    I got trapdoor snails for the first time this year. I haven't seen them since spring (the water is a little murky :meh:). I was rinsing filters and the pump and found one stuck to the intake opening of the pump. I tried to pull him out assuming he got sucked in inadvertently, but that guy was...
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    Slow - but sure - progress!

    Yeah, welcome to the land of the litigious! If a thief breaks a leg tripping over something while he's stealing you blind, he can sue the homeowner. The requirement to fence is dependent on city/county codes and is meant to prevent a wandering child from falling in and drowning.
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    Some pondside plant suggestions

    I watched all the videos before I dug my pond. I think somewhere in them he said he's in Southern California. I love the goat!
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    To pot or to plant?

    I'm still learning the ins and outs of this myself. But in terms of planning for your plantings there are 2 things I wish I had done a bit differently that you might want to consider. First, I dug shelves at 1 ft, 2 ft and deepest part of the pond is 3 feet. I wish that I had added a...
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    Denise's pond

    Thank you! I was so excited when I found the frog!!! It seems like if it's welcoming enough for the frogs to arrive, I've done my job as a ponder.
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    Denise's pond

    dpowell submitted a new Showcase Item: Denise's pond Read more about this showcase item here...
  10. Denise's pond

    Denise's pond

    10x10x1 ft upper pond with waterfall filter, waterfall to lower pond approximately 10x12x3 feet at deepest point. Submersible 1300 gph pump to waterfall filter. Auxiliary 300 gph submersible pump in a filter basket to a spitter. Dug last fall. Nearing the end of first full season.
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    What is happening to my Lilly pads?

    Addy, should I expect to get any blooms on my water lilies the first year? I have fertilized with planting and they putting up lots of leaves. Just no blooms yet.
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    Good Online Source for Plants

    This is my first year, but I used and received a beautiful water lily as well as a couple of bog plants, floating and underwater plants. They arrived in good condition and are all thriving. I also got a water lily from Happy Frog Aquatics within the last couple of weeks and it is...
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    Wiggly mystery

    Well, glad to hear we don't have a portal to hell ;) Maybe that's why my fish don't seem interested in the pellets I throw in.
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    Wiggly mystery

    Tonight I was netting the pond; still have late spring leaves and debris blowing around, so I have to keep at it. Most passes along the bottom brought up EARTHWORMS! Probably dozens of them after several passes, many of them still wiggling. I would swear there was a hole in the liner that...
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    Night time frost

    Thank you for all your replies! Against all odds, it has yet to freeze again and the forecast is clear for the foreseeable future. :)