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    waterfall, rock garden pond 2020

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  2. waterfall, rock garden pond 2020

    waterfall, rock garden pond 2020

    3500 gallon pond with 40 ft waterfall and an 8' drop. some goldfish only (can't see more expensive fish eaten by heron and mink) I posted a few shots of the property which has a nearby creek and is why I get various critters coming in ;)Weeping pine is locally known as an "elephant" pine.
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    Best way to keep leaves out of the pond?

    When I put my net over the pond one year it's black and barely visible, the frog jumped and started bouncing off the net like a trampoline. Pretty funny actually. he took off for friendlier environs.
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  8. Gandalf's Pond

    Gandalf's Pond

    pics/vids of 12 year old pond/waterfall/rock garden from various years. Central Illinois location.
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    my pond/waterfall

    that is Sedum. slow growing but hardy and prevents weeds from germinating. Has a nice flower in the spring.
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    my pond/waterfall

    it's called Mexican Petunia by the grower but I suppose it could go by other names. New blossoms every day all summer.
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    my pond/waterfall

    12 years in central illinois. 50' waterfall with an 8' drop into a 3000 gal pond. Just goldfish as the Heron and Mink come in and eat the expensive fish. All tropicals are wintered indoors.
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    Filter cleaning

    It depends on your pond size but in general rinsing a filter pad with tap water shouldn't affect anything. If you have rocks or other filter media in a bag, leave it alone. if you are concerned about bleach in the filter pad, leave it out in the sun for a day or two. It will pretty much...
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    sludge removers

    What are some people's experiences been with sludge and/or sediment removers? There are a number of types available and I assume that they do some good. some sludge is actually healthy so can you overdo it? Or is vaccuming a safer option.?
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    How do I top off the pond with city water?

    With a 40 ft waterfall and 3500 gallon pond, I get a lot of water loss from evaporation and splash on the rocks. Not unusual to top off the pond several times a week in high heat or high wind. Never had an issue with tap water, except for spawning time. The chlorine and/or chloramine trace...
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    Exciting visit from Drs Foster and Smith photographer Cherie Ruenger

    As part of our local water gardeners club tour, I volunteered my waterscape this past weekend and unbeknownst to me, the photographer for Drs. Foster and Smith Cherie Ruenger was travelling through Illinois to capture images of ponds and so stopped by our property. She was impressed enough with...