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    GPF Member's Babies (aka MFS evidence)

    We have Rah, Anubas, D Day, "bought for me on Father's day , aka dad's day." Koda, Sunny, Balew, Crusty, Omaha, Shamu, Knox, Mabiline "BLUE eye shadow" Digit, Brass, Midge, Tig, Joey Two lips, Khi, Dweezel, Joker, Drago, Black Betty, Nomad, Porker, Viper, Tatunka and my favorite Fin Diesel.

    Gravel filter in Spring.

    Great use of the space you sir have a green thumb.

    Plants for my pond

    For a in your home pond it's second to none. It realy looks great.

    Going for it! phase one 12,000 gallon pond.

    I used a cordless sawsall to split them into movable pieces. My biggest one was a monster to move even in pieces. So it's more then just finding a good looking stump it was also finding one that was hollowed out by age. Following the already worn and splitting areas or where the cuts would hid...

    The magic of lights on the pond.

    The pictures fall short from the magic they provide. Tge light dancing on anything that stops the light and provides a stage. in

    Pond Turns Inside Out Druing Heavy Rains

    Water or air matters not . The solution is the same and who ever your talking to are not very experienced builders of ponds at least not outside of a 10x10 18"inch goldfish pond. Yes the solution is the next time it rains see where it starts to lift first. This helps but is not critical. You...

    Plants for my pond

    Atlanta you didn't tell them about tge chicken blood and all while dancing neked

    It has begun

    As you have already found out make sure you leave slack anywhere things may settle or shift. That way it won't stretch the liner and create a tear

    Inserts for the filter

    A ro di filter will remove your red staining but the cost of the filters is not cheap as they will clog quickly a huge settling chamber can help but for the amount of gallons per day your talking it to won't be cheap.
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    It has begun

    Mine is not covered I pay a price if I want to sit out at night. There's trade offs all around . But I do love my rocks In the original part of the pond there's hardly 1 boulder I could man handle. Only the cave ceiling rocks are managable
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    Need help with Simple Bog Filter

    Nope strictly a shining kinda guy here's johny_yyyyyy
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    Pump not priming

    Agreed with above . Have you also filled the pump housing with water. I know it sounds crazy but people do the craziest things.
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    It has begun

    After last summer I am NOT wishing away the cool temps summer will get here.
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    It has begun

    The one thing I wish I had done completely was to install non woven completely over the liner I did a full coat under the liner b I t I wish I had done a complete coverage ontop as well then just double up or triple like jhn said under the big or ones that have some edges.
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    Going for it! phase one 12,000 gallon pond.

    Rodney Dangerfield has left the building