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    Help Building Basin Waterfall

    Thought about that wood box & liner option also. Thanks
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    Help Building Basin Waterfall

    resin plastic, just what I was thinking, or Fiberglas. Was wondering how thin could I cast concrete maybe.
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    Help Building Basin Waterfall

    Anyone have any idea what these Basins are made of? I want to build this to connect my two(2) ponds but I cant figure out what these are made of so I can make some, or where I can purchase them already made. Anyone have any ideas
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    When to cut back plants?

    In South Eastern Virgina we get enough frost to kill plants in Late Fall then warms to average 55-45 degrees until Late Winter we'll get another last hit of cold, before our one week of Spring, then its like 90---THOUSAND degrees until the following November. Anyway, I remove my Water Hyacinth...
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    Pond sealing problems

    Hello, Welcome. I built a concrete pond last year myself. And went through a lot of time and error in my thinking. but after fighting leaks I figured out my problem. The weight of the water pressing down and on the sides of the pond. This weight will open small cracks in the bottom and sides of...
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    Cannot get rid of green algae

    Hello, Green water is a bummer, but you are in luck. Your pond design is not a Formal design (sharp rectangular angles); it is more on the naturalistic side of things soooooo, take a bamboo pole or something and section off about a 3rd of your pond and throw in some floating water plants that...
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    How do I get rid of Ich in new pond?

    Pond is approximately 5'x8',and 4' deep; have about 20 - 30, 2 1/2" can't all goldfish and Ruby reds (only the goldfish have the ich); pond is about not quite 60 days old. Using a bucket size aquarium filter and AIR bubbler for now until I can tie it in to my system. About 6 of the goldfish are...
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    How do I get rid of Ich in new pond?

    Probably got it from a Pet smart brought fish. New pond build, planktonic algae problem because other plants have not established themselves yet. Will it spread to all my other fish?
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    How do I get rid of Ich in new pond?

    How do I get rid of Ich in my pond? Can I use Salt (noniodine), Garlic, or medicate the water. Or should I just drain the pond and start over with new water, fish, and all? My pond is approximately 1200 gal.
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    Concrete Pond Leaking

    New to the form. Thought i was asking 2 different people for advice. Sorry. Pond STILL leaking though, next step, fill the hole in with dirt and build a flower bed. Less trouble and money.