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    Is super glue appropriate for pond patches?

    I know he is from Star Wars but ?
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    Nature & Wildlife Thread

    Nice big, friendly spider!
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    Ponds in Canada

    You can do it Colleen, just be patient and stay away from those bad carbs. Sugar is not our friend! We buy lots of eggs too. I like to put a little of the good cheeses on them.
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    Waterfall - rock is absorbing water

    and welcome @javinv try all of the above and see how it goes.
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    New, small pond and a mess

    and welcome @IndolentFop Yep no sod in ponds as it makes a mucky mess. Plants in pots is good. 100% clay and additive free kitty litter. You can buy a brand called Special Kitty at Wal-mart and there are other kinds at other stores also. Make sure no perfumes etc. just 100% clay on the label...
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    Is super glue appropriate for pond patches?

    and welcome @manonthemoon I don't think that will work at all for long anyways. I would think you would have to patch it like you would a tire inter-tube. Thankfully I have never had the issue.............yet.
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    New pond leaking

    and welcome @Jo the pond newbie I agree let the water drop as far as it will and then do a check by feel. Also yes folds will suck up the and drain it out. If you can't find a hole take off the top rocks around the pond and lift up the edges of the liner so the folds cannot suck, leave it sit...
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    A new kind of goldfish

    Wow I could have maybe one of those suckers in my pond!
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    Going for it! phase one 12,000 gallon pond.

    Coming back to life @GBBUDD
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    Ponds in Canada

    Maybe if you just stick to the Keto diet it will help you. Don't starve yourself. Do you have a diabetes doc?
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    Water drainage when pump is on

    @Ktran I hope if you need to add water you have dechlorinator if you have chlorine in your city water. If you have well water you won't need it. Just add water slowly so fish don't become shocked. More info would be good on what happened.
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    New Member

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    HDPE glue?

    @mpierich Fortunately I have not had to patch my liner so I'm no help for you but welcome anyways!
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    Pump recommendations

    @ErinH I like the Laguna submersible's. They are long lasting and not bad on power consumption. I have a Laguna 4280 for my 2400 gal pond. I took the cage off tho so I could hook it up to a prefilter. But if I had to do this all over again I would have built a bog instead as they are such good...