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    Sons goldfish disease

    I see discoloring on the face, but can’t get a good enough look to say why. First off, test the water, post results. API liquid pond test kits are fairly easy to get, and give good results. Next, describe what you saw prior to fish death. Any jumping, flashing, hiding, listless, loss of...
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    I want to keep pet catfish

    I’ll had an above ground pond that wasn’t being used, just breeding mosquitoes. Like many others, I got in this hobby by accident. I put the feeder fish my turtle couldn’t catch in there, then ended up finding a ton of minnow and cat fish fingerling in a creek drying up. Several 5 gallon bucket...
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    New to this forum

    Ah, sounds like in addition to you picking up new info, you may be able to help others! We get a lot of “ what’s killing my fish” here, and while we can typically help when it’s a case of ignorance, or bad conditions, or simple obvious parasites, other issues are beyond us just from a picture...
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    What is your weather like ... today

    Temps were mid 30s last night, and I watched it snow. First time in a long time I got to see big fluffy feather like flakes. Naturally, they melted before they could build up, ground is too warm. By the time I got out of work, it was rain again, so my dirt road was a mess to drive on. I hope my...
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    Wakin lover from Cheshire UK

    Welcome. I look forward to learning about your pond and fish!
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    What is your weather like ... today

    It’s a winter wonderland, but deadly. A lady who was in the hiring process at my job was killed in a wreck this morning. I’m sad that anyone died, and frustrated at how long it takes to get folks hired. We are so short staffed that the full times are either working doubles or will just get one...
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    What is your weather like ... today

    Since the guys apparently thought my qt bin for fish was completely empty, they dunked the clogged sump in it. It was used to try to fix the clogged sewage. Ugh. So in hopes of saving the crawdad I should still have in there, I put the hose in to flush the water. And now, it’s raining! Temps are...
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    I need help and advice

    ☺️ the joy of well water! It comes from a limestone aquifer, so hard water, but my fish seem pretty sturdy. Lol, my guppy colonies aren’t suffering, they keep popping out babies, and I haven’t lost any since that bout with ich.
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    OK, Bear. Now What?

    Id be getting a dog to let me know when the bear is around, and keeping a stash of bottle rockets to scare it off. Then if that didn’t work, I’d consider calling fish and game. Not too impressed with most of them, the guys in Arkansas refused to believe multiple folks reporting cougars, till a...
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    new to this fourm...howdy everyone

    Your fish is older than me! I love the look of long flowing fins, so I’ll have to find a place to get a good affordable one. I’m not looking for expensive fish, I’m out in the country with lots of critters to keep population in check given a chance, and lord knows, I’ll probably start my new...
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    new to this fourm...howdy everyone

    Come to think of it, St. Louis isn’t all that far, we do occasionally go to Springfield to visit hubbys family... do you raise butterfly koi? Lol. And while I’m out that way, I just might find more nifty rocks for edging, plants, and hardscaping. Sigh, my pond being ready for koi is still a few...
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    Is my fish healthy? I can’t tell

    Explain the difference in how it’s swimming/ acting. The container you have it in could be the cause, or Illness es, stress, or other factors. As mmathis said, we don’t have enough info to go on.
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    new to this fourm...howdy everyone

    Pity, about not shipping. I want a single koi, butterfly, so that when the time comes, I can have koigolds! I want to cross them with shubinkin, I love long flowing fins! But first, I have to finish my pond. And I think I’d better start with shubinkin, let them breed a bit before adding koi.
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    New to Forum, Hello!

    I think many of us have come here from having aquariums. In fact, that’s all I’ve got for fish right now, and a big hole I need to get underlining for, them get my bog set up... always glad to welcome a new member.
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    New to website

    I could afford to work there, my pay check would never go to bills! But oh the pond would be glorious!