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    Doc biofilter questions

    No, it is fine as long as it is dry. Follow the directions on the glue. Most are set for pressure after a few hours but I would let it dry for 24 hours before running water threw it. Most barrels should have a thin line up the barrel that's partially see threw to see the water line. It has...
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    Doc biofilter questions

    You should always glue all the fittings that are outside the pond or filter. You can use rubber boots with screw clamps on area's that get constant vibration or are removed for maintenance, like pumps or UV's. Otherwise they can wiggle or be knocked loose and drain your pond. Fittings inside...
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    Noob questions! Bottom Drain? Realistic Costs?

    Hello. Without a pump between the bottom drain and waterfall filter, the drain will not work. A bottom drain has to be gravity fed(filter even with or below the water line) or pump fed(pump between bottom drain and filter). Since the waterfall filter/box is above the water level, your stuck...
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    New pond questions about skimmer and pumps

    Welcome. Also in KC, Prairie Village area. I would definitly go 3-5 feet. Keep in mind if you go deeper than 3 ft to recalculate the water volume and pond size for the liner and pumps.
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    Pump Problem

    I would stop use until its fixed. A pump is not worth starting a fire in your home. Is it an external pump or submerged? Sparks kind of make me think that water is possibly causing the line to ground out. Possibly a seal leak since it does it only after running awhile. If its an external pump...
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    Rocked Walls

    Most people only rock down a few inches below the water, like 6"-1ft. This gives it the full rock look and doesn't collect as much muck like if it was all the way to the bottom. Over time algae will cover both the rocks and liner, they will blend into each other very well. Don't get rid of the...
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    My Koi are PIGS.....

    Ours loves watermelon. So do I! I leave a little on the rind and toss them in for a day. By morning there is nothing left but the skin. They go crazy for earthworms. Duckweed too.
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    basalt , granite or what?

    Are you planning to have the bottom and sides rocked and mortared or just the top outer ring? You could use cheap stone in the water since it will be covered in algae and then more expensive rock on top. The concrete will raise the ph and can be toxic. You use an acid mix in it for a few days...
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    Pond Underlayment, What do you use?

    I used commercial grade weed barrier from Costco. I placed it in a criss-cross pattern 2 layers thick. Works great.
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    bio filter in waterfall?

    A flow of 3000+ in a basin that small will not allow hardly any solids to settle if any at all. Pretty fast for bio too and of you cut it back to 1000 you'll lose that nice falls action. Then again you said the UV T's off at the start so how much is diverted to the uv? 50/50? Then it would be...
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    Question on air pumps...

    I hear they are great drains. As for the pump, make sure it's a quality pump and ment for deeper water. The pumps designed for shallower water (aquarium pumps) can burst diaphrams if it's trying to pump air deep underwater like 3-5ft.
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    Skippy type filter, pump, how much is too much?

    The best results for bio filters seem to be about a 3 minute hang time. This gives the bacteria enough time to eat and the solids to settle to the bottom. To find out hang time, take the total size of the filter(100gal), divide it by the hang time you want(3 for 3 minutes) to get 33.3gals per...
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    Can a "preform" liner be repaired?

    I went and grabbed a preformed liner from Craigslist for 15$. Found out it had a small crack about 2-3 inches long. All I did was clean the surface on the inside and out with soap and water. Then used 100% silicone roof sealer and put a bunch on both sides and made sure some squeezed threw the...
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    Uv Light

    It has to flow around the light. It can only penetrate the water so much effectively.
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    pump/filter question