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    Using topsoil

    I was researching this a couple months ago. Somebody did a test with 4 different planting mediums for water lillies. Kitty litter, pea gravel, pond soil and regular dirt.The dirt(i used top soil) gave the best results and after trying it myself, I agree. I had tried the pea gravel and the KL...
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    just some koi pictures i snapped today

    I have no idea what happened on that one! lol
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    just some koi pictures i snapped today

    Very nice!
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    koi and waterplants

    I had to remove all the plants from my main pond.
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    Your pet pictures

    Here are my other kids
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    Hi from Tampa

    Welcome from across the Bay in The St. Pete area. The mangrove is a cool idea. Try to incorporate some sort of bottom drain to help with your leaf problem.
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    Rick Simpsons Help Oil Story

    Been a believer in the medical aspects for awhile. Stress kills. Relax and enjoy.
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    HI From SE PA

    Welcome. What part of SE Pa are you in. I was born in Reading and lived in and around the area untill 1980.
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    90 gal starter in south California

    You really shouldn't feed if water is below 55ish. Those guys will outgrow thier home in a couple years so start planning your next build.
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    diy pond skimmer

    Very cool Waterbug. I can see me doing something like this on my next build. Thanks
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    Newbie Koi lover

    Welcome to the forum. This hobby is very addicting.
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    To the breeders

    Mine have spawned the last two years. The first year I didn't relize it untill I noticed some small fingerlings in the border rocks. Have 4 survivors that were able to hide from the hungry. This year I dropped swawning mops in and pulled them out when full of eggs and put them in a halved 55...
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    Aquaponic Garden 2011

    I will be adding a talapia pond in the future to complete the full truely aquaponic system. I need to research the shrimp idea, that would be my favorite. I read a little on the link you provided Waterbug, yes ph is a concern, especially with it running off my koi pond. Once I set up the...
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    Aquaponic Garden 2011

    Yes its better if it drains to give the roots some air. It could be done with the roots submerged if you had an airstone under the plant.
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    Aquaponic Garden 2011

    Made a few changes with my system in the last year to improve things some. Main problem was not having a timer for my pump and getting lazy and just running it all day and shutting it off at night. I know have a timer that runs for an hour and off two, starting at 8am and ending at 10pm. I...