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    Best idea for really clear water

    Buy a couple of bags of expanded clay. It is lighter than river rock and easier to handle. add it to the same plastic storage box shown. Put foam filter media on top to keep large particles from plugging it And help distribute the water over the expanded clay. It has a huge surface area for...
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    How are you dealing with Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) ?

    An additional note to my post. As I said I have not had the flu in over 50 years and I have a pretty strong immune system from getting so sick from the flu once. With that said, after reading numerous article and the accounts of many testing positive For coronavirus and never feeing very bad. I...
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    Lots of filters, 2 goldfish, and still ammonia!

    Stop stop stop.....stop adding chemicals, stop feeding, keep the little fountain pump going 24/7.: Don’t even go near the pond fora month. Leave it allow. No testing, no chemicals, no food. That foam on the top is from bacteria and the pollution from you over feeding. The bacteria is consuming...
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    How are you dealing with Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) ?

    Once you get my age, you get the flu shot, and a couple of different pneumonia shots this year, and every year. The shots are specific for the changing types of flu, obviously last years flu. On Medicare shots are free. It is still about 50/50 you can still get sick even with the vaccine...