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    Natural Dirt Bottom

    Yes, I just started one.
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    Bentonite lined pond

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Item Bentonite lined pond. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. Bentonite lined pond

    Bentonite lined pond

    I previously had a 6000 gallon rubber lined pond but decided to remove the liner and replace it with a slightly larger bentonite lined pond. The reason I did this is because I wanted to remove the electrical, plumbing and filtration complexities and instead use a substrate and submerged plant...
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    Pond in the foothills

    If you click on the Canada forecast, it shows a 2 day forecast animation that reaches down south as far as Salt Lake City. Today we're in the clear, but it does get updated every few hours.
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    Pond in the foothills

    Hi jw. :) Yesterday's smoke was the worst, our air quality measured 640 PM2.5. At a reading of only 22, it's the same as smoking 1 cigarette during a day, so it was really bad. We visited the museum in Calgary for the day because they filter the air inside. Today is great, the wind is blowing...
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    Pond in the foothills

    Last winter we had 9 months with snow here, so the window for me to get things done outside is pretty tight. I've been reading about your challenges down south as well.
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    Pond in the foothills

    Our local pond store is just now starting to get plants in this month, so hopefully in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for asking. I would really like to move the fish back outside. They do much better in a pond.
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    Pond water is very green! Tips?

    Welcome! You've got a lot going on there. I wouldn't worry about the green water, it will come and go. String algae could become a problem with clogging pumps if you have more decaying organic material than what your plants can process. My focus would be on what the water quality is of the water...
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    Algae Help at my wits end...

    That actually looks like a fairly healthy pond. What you are showing is called the periphyton layer. Here are a couple of articles that can explain it to you further, along with some video and pictures.
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    Green, green pea soup

    That high nitrite reading is not good. I wonder if those midges that were in your pond contributed to too much organic matter decomposing at once and overloaded your new pond. The addition of Prime every 48 hours will keep your fish safe from that until the algae/biological filter catches up.
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    Old pond came with new house.

    That's great that you have an understanding for the value of good water quality. That will certainly help your pond do well. If you want to keep your KH around the 3 drop area, that will keep the PH closer to 7.0 which in turn will allow you a wider range of plants to choose from. Lower KH...
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    Old pond came with new house.

    The inches of fish per volume of water unit isn't useful because of the varying amount of ammonia a single large fish will produce compared to a high number of smaller fish using the same "inches of fish" measurement. The first thing to do would be get a good quality liquid drop test kit from...
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    Old pond came with new house.

    Welcome! I would start doing safe water changes to get rid of the salt. (safe meaning to be sure you match water quality parameters) We can help further with that if you like. Koi are freshwater fish and keeping them in a salted environment will cause them physiological stress. That size pond is...
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    Has anyone heard of a salt water garden pond?

    @Jhn 's right, I was referring to outside reef ponds. I've been keeping reefs since 1979, so I also have a bit on knowledge there. ;) Good for you for being proactive in coral aquaculture. (y) You folks in the US have a lot more options available to you compared to us here in Canada.
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    Nature & Wildlife Thread

    This is a small portion of our driveway from the recent snowfall. The ground was warm here so it didn't really need clearing, other parts did so this was on the way. Just thought it was a pretty picture.