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    Bog wetland pump

    What is in the pic says “pool pump,” so as @GBBUDD said… the specs!
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    Converting fish pond to people pool

    Hello and welcome. Not sure, but it seems to me that constantly replacing 1700 gallons of water is excessive, vs treating and filtering the water. In a pond, plants help keep algae. Hopefully someone here can answer your question.
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    First pond creation; wildlife pond

    Hello and welcome! Can’t wait to see it finished!
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    Free fish

    You might have better luck advertising locally. Also, it’s not wise to post your contact info.
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    What does your Wordle score look like... today?

    Got lucky on that first word……
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    My entire population of gold fish died overnight, only one survivor found so far

    Oh no! How deep is the pond, does it have any type of water moment (fountain or filter with pump), is there any way that yard waste (or other chemicals) could have gotten into the pond?
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    Need help please

    Hello and welcome. Sorry but I don’t know anything about that system,
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    Shelly the turtle saga continued...

    Thank you for taking care of her! Most people aren’t aware that box turtles (weLL, probably all reptiles….) have very small range, and if they are taken out of their “native” area, they will probably not survive. Please post updates! My Boxies say “thank you,” as well!
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    EAA Airventure 2022

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!
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    Dying Koi fish - need urgent help

    Hi! I answered to your other thread.
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    [Urgent need help] Koi fish float sideway, with body bleeding and some scale off

    How big is your pond and how many koi do you have? What are the results of your water tests? Do you have any predator animals that could have attacked the fish? Did you take the fish to the vet and the vet prescribed antibiotics? Maybe get back in touch with the vet, but in the meantime...
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    Wading area

    Hello and welcome! Not sure I understand…. Can you post pics?
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    Another new member - new pond

    Hello and welcome!