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    anything special done for winter?

    Excuse my lack of official terms, but I have a little bubbly thing to prevent ice forming. Winters are mild here but it can still ice over. I always test that early.
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    Fear of child falling in?

    You could erect a low fence around it, you know, a foot or so high just to differentiate between the two areas. When I was a kid, I wouldn't walk over a small fence like that, I'm sure. Just because it's obvious you're not meant to. But I suppose it depends on how old they are.
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    El Nino

    Excuse my ignorance, but what's an El Nino system?? Never heard of such a thing.
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    yes hedgehogs apparentlyu cannot see water, so keep this in mind if there are many of these cute animals in your area.
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    The best thing

    You'll get there and you will enjoy your pond even more after all that hard work!
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    The imaginary stardust cowboy's track 'Tractor'. Not joking. It's a great song.
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    Steve Irwin

    I feel sorry for his family and he did a lot for animals but in a way I do think that the media attention right now is a little bit much.
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    Pond Salt?

    Some types of pond planting can actually hold the salt and purify the water for you, get your water checked and ask for the best plants.
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    Fear of child falling in?

    Yes you are right, netting is probably the best option but how big is the pond?
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    Ever wake up to...?

    I only ever had a dead hedgehog, it was very sad.
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    Did you decide to get rocks in the end? I'd love to see it!
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    Unwanted visitor

    Where do you live? Get some wildlife expert in on it if you are not sure but most snakes are often harmless depending on your location.
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    weather changing earlier?

    It is getting chilly fairly quickly in the evenings but maybe it just seems like that as we had such a hot summer.
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    Do you currently have a garden pond?

    50 sounds like the best bargain ever garden-pond wise. Do you ahve any pictures?
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    Testing Water Levels in Koi Ponds

    The water/koi thing can seem a bit daunting at first but do remember that most places sellign koi will test your water for you for free to help you get started.