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    What kind of car do you drive; how old and how many miles?

    love those pixs clean machines clean frame and a power plant in the teens again in the morning ,, im takin the MGB out . air in the tires .. Soup in the Jar .. i added Nitro-methane , Methanol and Castor oil 80/20,, MMO failed to measure the Nitro ,, just loaded some.. kinda floated ...
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    Above ground water garden

    Very Nice .. i wonder about the water flow in this system . most pleasant .. i would want some lilly and lotus .. i plant in planting fabric bags ,, ,,lava rock and kitty litter media sometimes
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    Leaving pump in pond over the winter

    a very nice display ,, love that running water..
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    My pond runs all winter, zone 2/3

    very nice ..
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    What is your weather like ... today

    cold ..,, expect below zero in northern Tennessee . this will bust my planting zone.. this place rated 7A .. for a few years been buying plants for zone 8A tonight expect zone 6B temp Hello Jack Frost
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    Rescue tank ..install

    fishsickles .. easy to catch froze in a block of ice i have 100 yards of ice down the hill from the leaker ,, i ran city water in ,, untill the leak started gushing . This is not normally a problem i have large leak in the large containment . i have channeled the seepage/leakage to a sump...
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    Rescue tank ..install

    its frozen hell on the fish rescue scene .. blowout on the rescue point , freezing . rescue tank still in operation but that submersible pumps sure moaning .. nice fish yet to be rescued .. 7 nice koi .. dragon gate fish [ did you see the Koi Float in the Rose parade ?] 2 1/2 foot gold /white...
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    What is your weather like ... today

    in the teens in Tennessee tonight looking forward to single digits overnight , .. 3 weeks days about freezing and nights in the teens set my system over to freeze warning status on the last possible day .
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    New member seeking guidance

    current status ? fish swimming under ice ?
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    Going for it! phase one 12,000 gallon pond.

    my imagination goes wild ..
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    What kind of car do you drive; how old and how many miles?

    then there is the engine on that mbg.. old inline 4 tractor engine .. 44 SU carb [ skinners union] .. i hacked the exhaust off the intake . put on tuned tubes exhaust .. tuned pipes .. where the PVC valve once was[direct intake manifold injection ] fed in via coiled copper tube fluid from a...
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    What kind of car do you drive; how old and how many miles?

    79 mgb 100K .. i refinished it .. laid a quart of putty on it and block sanded it for years .. blew on a gallon of yellow . quart of clear and a bag of metallic .. blended progressive .. block sanded more years buffed ... i got pics . i could link you to project string
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    First casualty today

    arctic blast .. yup . have you ever seen solar pool covers .. colored bubble wrap ..somewhere from a pool supplier are theses nice round units .. i just use chunks.. works good .. air lifts... bubblers when it is really iced up i will throw hand fulls of salt out on the pond .. peer down...
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    Pond breather question

    never saw these before ..
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    Leaving pump in pond over the winter

    in a frozen pond emergency...