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    Worried I’ve done my wildlife pond wrong. Photos.

    this. I did a thin layer of pea gravel, planted plants directly into that and are doing fine. Another thing about soil is it will lead to excess nutrients in the water. In a matter of days…in the middle of summer and no’re gonna have a massive algae bloom on your hands. Hopefully...
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    A new bird at the stream

    I always tell bird lovers…build a pond.
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    Waterfall into pond starting point

    a few shrubs, plants, and mulch is definitely cheaper..and easier…than a ton of boulders and liner…
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    Waterfall into pond starting point

    Here….I guess the goal would be to eliminate some of your turf…kind of blending in the pond/water feature. The more you do that the less obvious it becomes.
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    Waterfall into pond starting point

    a few evergreen shrubs can disguise the starting point…to break up the horizon. If there is nothing to distract your eye then yeah it’s going to look like the water just magically appears.
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    Birds eating/destroying my marginals

    snack attack lol
  7. Black Snake in bluebird house

    Black Snake in bluebird house

  8. Eastern Newt

    Eastern Newt

  9. Green Dragonfly-female pondhawk.

    Green Dragonfly-female pondhawk.

  10. Spotted Salamander Larvae

    Spotted Salamander Larvae

  11. Green Frog

    Green Frog

  12. Pond 2021

    Pond 2021

    Existing pond with new addition
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