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    I don't want babies!

    Not entirely sure where you live, but have you looked in creating a bat house? Supposedly works amazing for mosquitos. Depending on what species of bats are native to your area, you wouldn't have to worry about them eating the fish either. Just a thought. I'm trying to create one myself right now.
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    Whatcha doing today?

    Today was boring- just worked then came home and fed the fish. Yesterday however... Planted a vegetable garden (about 25 feet downhill from the pond) Enjoyed the blossoms from our new flower garden we started a month ago (lillies and carnations are doing great) Put on the swimming trunks and...
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    Fish in hiding... normal?

    So, I've got 8 goldfish of various sizes in my 1000 gallon pond. They have all gotten along just fine and survived the winter like champs. Over the last month or so, I've noticed that 2 of the fish have taken up very specific hiding spots (wedged in between rocks). They don't tend to come out...
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    Trapdoor snails and hi fin shark

    Thanks. I ended up finding a local place that is going to get them for me in a couple weeks. Going to start with 2 shark and 20 snails. If the sharks get to big, I'll relocate one to a new pond I'll be building next year.
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    Seeking good fish vendors

    The lillies you gave me last year are finally starting to grow. I just hid them at the bottom of the pond over winter and hoped for the best. Now that they've been brought close to the surface, they're sprouting. Can't wait to see what color they are once they really start growing. The next...
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    Seeking good fish vendors

    I'm good for now. I actually think a couple of mine are preggers (or whatever you call it in fish). Just looking to add some algae control and plants for now. Assuming I get some fry, you are of course welcome to some of them!
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    Seeking good fish vendors

    Living just outside OKC, I've been to the place sissy is talking about. They have quite a few koi and goldfish varieties that they sell (mostly smalls, a few bigger). Personally I think they are a bit overpriced (not just on the fish), but sometimes it's better than having to have the fish...
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    Attached admins...

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    Any other motorcyclists here?

    I've been riding a Ninja 300 for about a year now. Decided to start small to make sure I can't get myself into too much trouble. I'm loving every minute of it. Will probably ride the 300 for another year before upgrading to a 650.
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    Trapdoor snails and hi fin shark

    I'm looking to add some algae eaters to my goldfish pond (approximately 1000 gallons). The algae isn't out of control but it does cover every single underwater surface with a thin greenish brown layer. Was going to get a plecosthemus, but they won't survive our winters (zone 7a) and I don't...
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    Feeding during a mild winter?

    Thank you for the suggestions. The water temp is definitely warmer than I expected. Hanging around 50 degrees. As long as the fish are out, I will go ahead and keep feeding them some fall formula until the temps drop some more. I feel bad now, as we had basically stopped feeding them for...
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    Feeding during a mild winter?

    Quick question. I have prepped our pond for the winter. I've got the waterfall running 24/7 with the skimmer doing it's job. Winter has definitely been hanging around for about a month. However, here in Oklahoma, the temps have been all over the place. As low as 20F and as high as 68F over...
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    Complete novice who jumped the gun!

    Unfortunately, a pond that small will not hold much in the way of wildlife. As others have said, a few smaller fish would be ideal but I would be hesitant to even do a couple of goldfish without a solid filtration system in place. That being said, the cycling process shouldn't hurt the fish...
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    Howdy from Oklahoma
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    OMG what did I promise my wife???

    Here we are a couple of months later, but her present is finished. She has her pond, waterfall, and goldfishies! Not sure how to link my showcase from here, but pics are there for everyone to check out. My wife loves her new relaxation area. Just need to set up some permanent seating out...