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    Honeybee watering station!

    They don't come in groups for me. It is a constant flow of three or four per second throughout daylight hours on the warmer days in one of my container ponds. That's about 100,000 trips per day! I wonder how much water loss that represents?
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    A question about pond vs pool-to pond conversion

    I would build unless you find a good candidate. If you build you will get what you want instead of a bunch of compromises.
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    My first dragonfly visitor! <3

    Is that a frog below the dragonfly?
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    If the pond is breeding mosquitoes you should be able to see the larvae in the water.
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    Frogs in the pond

    I agree with a need for intervention. I live in a semi rural area next to about 1000 acres of open space. If a non-native invasive destructive species (bullfrog) finds its way to one of my native wildlife ponds it has to be dealt with. Relocation of wildlife is not an option as it is frowned...
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    Frogs in the pond

    It can be challenging keeping tree frogs around. All of my ponds are dedicated tree frog ponds. The one they like the most is an old spa. The water level is about a foot from the top. It was covered with azolla but now water hyacinth has taken over. Half the pond is covered with boards...
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    Help on my outdoor pond. Fish are dying.

    The good bacteria don't eat the chlorine but the chlorine does react with and kill the good bacteria and any other available organic matter. In the process of reacting with organic matter the chlorine gets used up. Chlorine also reacts with inorganic compounds such as ammonia and gets used up...
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    Help on my outdoor pond. Fish are dying.

    It could be the chlorine. The concentration leaving the facility can vary depending on the day. Chlorine will also dissipate along route to the home. Left to sit for hours or a day will also reduce the amount of chlorine. Depending on the circumstances the concentration could have been very...
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    Help on my outdoor pond. Fish are dying.

    I would call the water department and ask if they have made any recent changes to the water. It is rare not to have chlorine or chloramine added to a public water distribution system.
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    Frogs in the pond

    Bullfrogs may be a good addition to ponds in some parts of the country especially where they are native. However they are considered invasive in California and should be removed. In addition to eating our native frogs they eat birds and lizards too, among many other native critters.
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    Frogs in the pond

    Most likely Pacific tree frogs in your neck of the woods. They do like to wander off. Given enough habitat near the pond you can entice them to stay. In the pond they would like to nestle in something like water hyacinth or water lettuce. Near the pond potted plants are fine. Also logs and...
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    Grow tank for duckweed / azolla

    I got my Azolla locally and more recently Duckweed from Ebay. I have not figured out the best way to grow it yet. However growing it in the same place where it is eaten is not a good idea. I have had the Azolla growing in several places. The best so far is an old 400 gallon spa with partial...
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    Flexible liner over preformed?

    Can you get an identical preform and then place it over the existing one?
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    For all you rock lovers

    I'm jealous. I have not seen anything like that for sale anywhere around here. At that price I would start with a couple thousand stones.
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    Trampoline mat as pond liner?

    Perhaps you could use the trampoline as an underlayment.