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  1. TheFishGuy

    My “Final Pond” build thread

    The whole unit has this big cage around it, which is pretty effective, and on top of that it is a solids handling pump, so it can deal with small leaves and sticks. Don’t really know what caused this, but I will try to keep the new one cleaner and hope for the best.
  2. TheFishGuy

    My “Final Pond” build thread

    Havent thrown anything away yet, so I will try that! Would be awesome to have a second pump.
  3. TheFishGuy

    My “Final Pond” build thread

    I had taken it apart as far as I could, the impeller would not spin at all, and the impeller would not budge out from the motor assembly. I described the issue to the guys over at aquascape, and they just said that the impeller probably seized and sent me a new one with no more questions asked...
  4. TheFishGuy

    My “Final Pond” build thread

    Haven’t updated this thread in a while! Got some fresh snow, and my new pump is working great ( impeller seized on the 7 month old pump I had in there )
  5. TheFishGuy

    How to Make My Stream Look Natural

    I will say that solving the problem of water flowing under and in beetween rocks can be solved with a bit of waterfall foam and rock dust to cover any gaps beetween rocks. I couldn’t really be of any help for anything else, but looks like you got some very insightful info from others!
  6. TheFishGuy

    My AQUASCAPE experience

    I don’t know if it is simply a problem with pressure filters as others have said, or the company as of lately. I just had an impeller seize in my main ponds pump, said pump was form aquascape. I will say that if it is a problem with that individual unit, I would simply contact the company, they...
  7. TheFishGuy

    Pond in planter

    I did something similar, and found epdm to be unsightly due to all of the wrinkles in caused in such a small space, so went for thicker pvc. As far as attaching it goes, I took it over the rim where I screwed it in to the frame.
  8. TheFishGuy

    Going for it! phase one 12,000 gallon pond.

    You could make a movie about your pond!
  9. TheFishGuy


    Amazing pond, and fun way to see all of the pond visitors!
  10. TheFishGuy

    Going for it! phase one 12,000 gallon pond.

    Not gonna ask about that creeks name… looking beautiful as always though!
  11. TheFishGuy

    Hello all

    Welcome, As always we would love to see pictures of the pond!
  12. TheFishGuy

    What does your pond look like ... Today?

  13. TheFishGuy

    Going for it! phase one 12,000 gallon pond.

    Covid is going strong as ever where I live, so here I come back to the forums! All the ponds are doing pretty well! I shut the raised one down for the winter, but it was running smoothly and that bog kept the water crystal clear. Can’t wait to get it up and going again in the spring. As for my...
  14. TheFishGuy

    GFI pump outlet and power outage

    I had a gfci outlet trip on my pump while I was away, and the pond iced over, no solution found but definitely a problem. As far as oxygen goes, it really depends on your fish load. If it is a highly stocked koi pond then it could be a matter of hours, but if there are just a few goldfish they...
  15. TheFishGuy

    Water test

    Is there a reason you are asking? If everything is going smoothly then I wouldn't change anything. It does surprise me that there are zero nitrates, but if you have a very small organic load it is possible.
  16. TheFishGuy

    My Fish

    Welcome to the forum! would love to see your pond.
  17. TheFishGuy

    Going for it! phase one 12,000 gallon pond.

    Looking amazing as always!
  18. TheFishGuy

    Another Newbie Pond Build in the works

    First thought is that would not be very sturdy, but I suppose if it was just a separation between a well packed dirt birm and the inside of your bog, then I don't see why it wouldn't work. I would advise you to get a very thick underlayment though, as pallets can have nails, wood shard, and...
  19. TheFishGuy

    Bathtub in garden has fish in it... what to do?

    Welcome! I agree with others, start with water movement. You could even have a bit of fun with it and do a small fountain if you were interested. You can also scrape any leaves out, and do small water changes if you would like to improve the aesthetics of the pond, just make sure not to do...
  20. TheFishGuy

    My goldfish pond

    Amazing view!