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  1. thejetskiqueen

    Hello, new to your forum

    Welcome, Nice pond
  2. thejetskiqueen

    Did you dig it?

    We dug our pond by hand, at night, in August, with head lamps on!
  3. thejetskiqueen

    Tip for the absent-minded?

    I have done this same thing with both filling and draining the pond. After a big rain we need to drain off some water and I almost let it go dry then had to fill it again, then filled it too much, so back to draining. I let my husband do it now. :icon_mrgreen:
  4. thejetskiqueen

    Let's see your saltwater aquarium

    Show 'em to me! There seems to be a good many of us here that have them so show them off! Me first. This aquarium is a 30 gallon Oceanic Cube. My husband built the stand. It has a Sunpod 150watt metal halide light over the top, 12 gallon sump, 2.5 gallon refugium. This is the sump and...
  5. thejetskiqueen

    salt questions

    Exactly. Must be a leak either liner or plumbing or possibly runoff when it rains. As a reef aquarist, I promise that salt does not evaporate.
  6. thejetskiqueen

    Water Hyacinths

    Well, I do have blooms AND I have algae. I have been too lazy and/or broke to build one of these DIY Filters. I don't want to do the experiment but if you have no algae AND no blooms, and I have both algae AND blooms so maybe phosphates are the key. I would give up blooms to get rid of the...
  7. thejetskiqueen

    Big Snake

    WOW, I see you are in Georgia as well. Is that particular one poisonous?
  8. thejetskiqueen

    Water Hyacinths

    I love water hyacinth! I bought two small plants at Home Depot as soon as I saw them and they have grown out of control as well. Sometimes I will not have any blooms, and sometimes only one or two. Then sometimes they will go for a couple of weeks with no blooms. As long as they are in the...
  9. thejetskiqueen

    Hi, new ponder here

    Welcome Sherry! Very nice pond and yard. You are very fortunate to be able to use that spring water in your pond, it is sooo clean! I can't help you with the wintering thing as I live in Atlanta but I'm sure someone here can.
  10. thejetskiqueen

    Bragging on a friend

    Wow! My sister in law lives in Augusta.
  11. thejetskiqueen

    Bragging on a friend

    Where is Ga did you live DrDave? Got any secret pond places I should check out?
  12. thejetskiqueen

    Bragging on a friend

    Well, I don't know if that is the reason because I know my friend gets up early to walk like 2 miles every morning and she plays golf and she does try to eat healthy so I don't know why they had someone do it for them unless it was overwhelming and had no place like this forum to help them out...
  13. thejetskiqueen

    O.K. needs a home

    I am fostering a cat. We call him O.K., or orange kitty. He showed up here probably a couple of months ago and I have been sneaking him a little food here and there without anybody knowing. I can't keep him because I already have two cats and they are a handful themselves. As I stated it is...
  14. thejetskiqueen

    Bragging on a friend

    They cheated and had a contractor build their pond. Cost a pretty penny, but then they say they were/are too old to do it themselves. They are crazy! I think they are only in their mid 40's. That's not old! She says her pond is now about 5 years old. She has tons of shubunkin goldfish and...
  15. thejetskiqueen

    The lillies are blooming!

    Here is a recent pic of the blooms.
  16. thejetskiqueen

    Big Snake

    Check out this vid Big Snake
  17. thejetskiqueen

    Starting a new pond

    Will, here is the link to the pond size calculator so you can make sure I figured it properly. Savio I don't think it will hurt to have that size pump.
  18. thejetskiqueen

    Starting a new pond

    Well I calculate the pond with the filter box to be 4800 gallons. Is that about right? If that is the case, then you would need about a 2400 to 3000 gph pump. I found this information at this website
  19. thejetskiqueen

    Sand filters

    I am getting a sand filter, you know like for pools, and it is used. It is free in exchange for the three biggest koi in the pond, which is cool because I wanted to get rid of those and get more shubunkins. Have any of you used this type of filtration? I looked around a little and found that...