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    Pond predators common in New York

    Asking for a person on a FaceBook group. ________________________________________
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    The Nitrogen Cycle simplified

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    An article about adding beneficial bacteria. No, its not necessary (but we knew that)

    I saw this posted on a pond group on FaceBook. This is also a good article for newbies to read as it explains the relationships among (between…?) EVERYTHING that lives in or interacts with a pond...
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    What do herons eat..?

    I just saw this video on FB!
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    Not what you want to find in your pond

    This was yesterday, from a neighborhood pond/lake not far from us. The big one was 12.5’ long!
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    Happy Mothers Day!

    No content — the title says it all!
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    Bogs are becoming more popular Its not rocket science, but it is science!

    I belong to several pond-type groups on FB. Lately I have been noticing that more and more people are advocating for bogs! Just today there was a post from someone who was tired of his/her 10 y/o pond because of the algae problem worsening over the years. I admit that I didn’t read through...
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    How much height do you need for gravity return to a pond?

    I think I’m trying to figure out slope, maybe, but my math skills are…..well, I don’t have math skills.
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    Chapter #1: TurtleMommys turtle bog

    (OMG, I read this and boy, do I sound like a “Karen,“ LOL!). This isn’t a “build” thread, but rather am looking for practical ideas for constructing a satellite bog inside of a box turtle habitat. The idea is to have a pond for my goldfish that will connect to a smaller, satellite bog that’s...
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    Finally starting to think about the pond build..its only taken 3+ years INDECISION, INDECISION!

    We’ve been in our new home a little over 3 years, and we STILL don’t have the pond dug (goldfish and plants are living in a 1200 gal Intex pool). Part of the procrastination has been financial, and part has been indecision.….mostly indecision.….a lot of indecision! Y’all, we have a HUGE...
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    Our first Blue Birds have hatched!

    There were 5 eggs, but I can’t tell if there are 5 babies. A couple of the eggs weren’t plumping up as much as the others, so don’t know if they were all fertile.
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    Its almost hummingbird season!

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    This is just lovely!

    I just watched this on FB — awesome!
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    Interesting design for an aquarium.

    But not sure I would trust the integrity of the “window,” and I especially wouldn’t trust any of my cats to be gentle, LOL!
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    Looking for advice (not pond related) of a home construction nature adding a vent hood for stove (2 story house)

    Before I start calling in contractors, just wanted some advice from those of you who may have personal experience and/or just know the business. You know, kinda see if this is a doable project. We bought our current home 3 years ago (I think it was built around 2002-ish). The way the kitchen...
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    Merry Christmas!
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    Heres another road to disaster..FB Pond group

    Per a pond volume calculator, this pond will be roughly 720 gallons….. So wrong on many counts. And yes, I did invite the OP to join us.
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    Heres something for us to chuckle about today.. How would YOU answer this persons question?

    Not trying to be mean, but I just saw this posted on FB….. Maybe this poor person should have asked for help BEFORE he/she did the installation!