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    im wanting to salt my pond for 3 weeks just to clear a little cotton wool up and wot evers causing it my question is should i take my plants and snails out while im doing it tony
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    healing agien

    since ive had my fish indoors there healing agien pulled out my pond and sold every thing waiting for the fish to heal now then i can sell em on as im moving over to the states now and i cant wait tony
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    piks of disese

    is it fungus or not cos none of there fins are affected just bodys this one has a hole in it gills this is how it starts with a white stuff this is the sore starting hope this gives youse a better idea of wots going on now tony
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    help ph

    ok im going to tell you every thing in my pond cos my ph has gone from 7.8 to 8.8 and my fish are getting fungus from it agien my pond is 1724 litres. i have oxy plants 2 water lillys bullrushes in pots i use stones in the pots to keep the soil in but they are the stones that u would use in a...
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    test results

    hi ive just been and got the api pond master testing kit till i get used to it can some one let me know if every thing is ok or if i need to do out i did all the test dont know if im ment to as there was ph and ph high ph 7.6 ph high 7.8 ammonia o. nitrite o. nitrate 5.o thanks for your help tony
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    filter size

    ive been given a bigger filter its one of the boxes with a uv light inside and needs a pump to get the water in it like the green genie but oasis one my pond is 1274 litres and the filter box is 5000 will it be ok to use tony
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    would a skimmer be any good for me with me having floating plants tony
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    my pond piks

    im still having a spike of fungus im doing my water changes etc i recently got some new plants off ebay maybe it was them ive got all my fish in the house now in a tank being treated no fungus at the min. jus one looks like it has started rotting on its gill here my pond any thing i cud add to...
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    wot to use for fines

    wot sort of stuff can i put in my filter to catch all the very fine stuff tony
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    wild life pond help building

    im wanting to make a wild life pond next to my pond how do i start this do i need a filter in this. if i dont how do i keep it clean wot plants and stuff to help and how deep should it be tony
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    where to put oxygen plants

    ive just ordered 100 oxy plants as my others have gone funny over winter where is best to put them can i put some at the bottom 3 foot deep or dont they like it that deep tony
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    when will life return

    when will my plants come back to life my water is now 11.1c tony
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    fungus has gone today yippeee/

    finally the fungus has gone on my fish. tony
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    still fungus

    ive done every thing i can think of now. cleaned my filter vacumed the floor 2 weeks worth of fungus treatment water changes changed all my soil in my plant pots but still the fungus wont go ive lost 2 fish. my pond is 1724 litres green genie with 4watt uv i didnt have the uv on over winter i...
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    cotton wool so i fort with piks

    i was thinking my fish had cotton wool but it seems more like jelly heres a pik
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    how mutch to use

    ive just got some melafix my pond. it is 3 foot deep. 5 foot lenth. and 3 foot width id say about 62.208 Litres. but im not sure. the melafix says 1 tea spoon to every 38 litres but im stuck on how many tea spoons i need to use. and when should i do it when it gets warmer. tony
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    is my water ok

    no3 = 0 no2 = 0 gh=0 kh=6 ph=6.8 cl2=0 i dont understand wot any of these mean i got the 6 in 1 test dip sticks by tetra can any on e help is my water bad tony
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    changing my foam help

    it is the first time im going to be changing my foam. in my filter ive had it a year and i read change it every 12 month.. how should i do it put the new one under the old one for a few weeks. so i dont upset the water. or just put the new one in and remove old strait away. im getting this one...
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    plant fell in pond vac advice

    one of my pond plants has fell off the shelf over winter. and there is soil all over the bottom as i cant afford a dear pond vac. ive found one that u connect a hose pipe to it are they any gud tony
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    green geunie 2000 have i got the rite pump

    ive had the green geunie for a year nearlly now. but im not sure if im using the rite size pump with it. the green geunie is 2000. and my pump is 2300 have i got rite size for this filter. my pond is 7 foot lenth. 4 foot wide. and 3 foot deep. tony