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    Let see our pets

    This is Mozzie, my best buddy!
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    Information on sandstone

    I wondered if it’s all right to use sandstone to stack on the inside wall of the bog? Mine stands in several inches of water and I wondered about the powdery substance you get with sandstone. Can it be washed clean. Thanks!
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    Canna in the bog

    Was just wondering if all cannas are the same, or do you plant only water canna in the bog? I dug a bunch in the fall and I’m looking for a new spot. Do you just plant the tuber?
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    How much water in a bog?

    I see pictures of bogs with very little water above the gravel, and others with several inches of water showing. I just wondered if it makes a difference? In order to get the water flowing over the little waterfall, my water is higher than the gravel.
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    Frozen bog

    This is my first winter with a bog. It’s all new to me so I thought I’d ask the experts! We had temps drop into the low teens and light snow. The pond is fine, (has another pump),but the bog is frozen solid. I unplugged the pump to the bog, and am waiting for a thaw before I turn it back on. I...
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    My garden pond

    Hi, I am the proud owner of a small pond loaded with plants and 16 goldfish. The pond has been a work in progress for the last 15 years or so. I graduated from a pre formed pond , to what seemed to me to be a large hole (I thought it was large when I was digging) with a liner. I have a small...