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  1. Giovanni

    Help Building Basin Waterfall

    Anyone have any idea what these Basins are made of? I want to build this to connect my two(2) ponds but I cant figure out what these are made of so I can make some, or where I can purchase them already made. Anyone have any ideas
  2. Giovanni

    How do I get rid of Ich in new pond?

    How do I get rid of Ich in my pond? Can I use Salt (noniodine), Garlic, or medicate the water. Or should I just drain the pond and start over with new water, fish, and all? My pond is approximately 1200 gal.
  3. Giovanni

    Concrete pond leaking

    Hello friends, I have recently dug a new pond. My pond is 4' in the ground (concrete totally) then an additionally 3' cinder block up above ground. I finished the entire wall with mortar. Then sealed the entire interior with a product called POND SEAL. Filled pond up. ALL WATER LEAKED OUT except...