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  1. Criscar

    My fish lice saga continues

    So, I recently discovered there were fish lice in my pond when a juvenile fish had an absolutely enormous louse right on top of its head, and I then found another on the tail of my largest shubunkin. I cannot say with any certainty how they arrived in my pond. It could have been on purchased...
  2. Criscar

    New goldfish became ill after quarantine and transfer to pond

    Hello all, Don’t they say troubles come in threes? Where here’s number three for me (pond losing 40-50 percent of water a few weeks ago and the discovery of fish lice being the first two). So, I know it would seem like I must have water quality issues, but genuinely there are no issues...
  3. Criscar

    Edited: 99% certain it is fish lice.Is this an anchor worm? Trying to confirm before attempting to treat

    Hello all, this little guy has quite a large disc-like grey parasite hanging on his head with a central striped worm looking part. Included below is a photo plus an unlabeled illustration of what looks to be the same thing. I can easily quarantine this fish but assuming if one has it, the whole...
  4. Criscar

    How long is normal before lotus put up aerial leaves?

    I have a 20 gallon 18” deep tub heated tub (minimum 75 degrees) that I set up last year for lotuses and miscellaneous. This year I have two lotus started from seed in there each in 6x12” fabric pots with a mixture of kitty litter and pea gravel (there is also a betta in there for mosquito...
  5. Criscar

    Stream Orchid first blooms

    These are new and still quite small but apparently happy! California Stream Orchid, Epipactus Gigantea, var. Serpentine Night.
  6. Criscar

    Pond has become a honeybee hangout

    Good afternoon! Over the past week our pond seems to have become part of the daily route of a hive of bees as a place to drink water (that’s what it looks like they are doing, at least). I have no objection to bees at all; our whole garden and backyard is set up to attract pollinators of all...
  7. Criscar

    First significant pond snafu, lost half the water overnight!

    All of my hose coupling is underwater, so I had thought this would not ever been an issue, but apparently the R upper fork of my Y splitter is pointing up enough that when the hoses decoupled there (which was totally my fault, I had been trying to clean the flow valve the day earlier), it causes...
  8. Criscar

    White blob on dorsal fin of newly arrived goldfish

    Good morning! I have a new fish that just arrived via overnight shipping from less than 100 miles away and it has a goober on its dorsal fin. There’s only one white spot and it looks much too large to be ich. It kind of reminds me of carp pox, but it’s the wrong time of year, unless transport...
  9. Criscar

    How to find pond-savvy House-sitters, Carlsbad CA

    Happy weekend! I am going to be out of town at the end of the summer for 2.5 weeks, and was wondering what you all do with your ponds when you go out of town? In theory, benign neglect for that time shouldn’t be a big deal, but given how small my pond is, if there were a power outage, pump...
  10. Criscar

    Anyone have a stream orchid, Epipactus gigantea?

    I am wondering about whether this is a bog only or a bog and marginal to a few inches plant. Searches have yielded very limited and sometimes conflicting info. Any insights welcome! Photo is from random website.
  11. Criscar

    Totally weird question, but is there anything I can do for fish that accidentally ate salt?

    I was eating a large salted pretzel near our pond when my daughter asked where her fish was. I pointed, and the act of pointing caused a single large grain of coarse salt to fall into the pond, which was immediately eaten by a 4” shubunkin before I could do anything. The fish did not spit it...
  12. Criscar

    Looking for confirmation of Black spot disease in white cloud minnows

    Good afternoon! Out of the blue several of my golden White Cloud Mountain minnows look like they have a fine dusting of pepper on their backs, I’m assuming this is black spot disease likely introduced by a stowaway snail on one of the marginal plants I recently bought (no water birds have ever...
  13. Criscar

    What eats/damages new iris shoots?

    Some creature in my pond has nibbled away both of the new shoots on my new Japanese iris. I have a lot of snails but to my knowledge none of them are plant eaters, and I’ve not had plant damage before. As far as I know the iris is toxic and inedible to the fish? Or is it possible to get a weird...
  14. Criscar

    Eel grass color change (hornwort also)

    Hello all, I planted eel grass (vallisneria, I presume Americana) in my pond close to a year ago when it was first constructed (300 gal, above ground, 2 small planted bogs of appropriate size plus marginals, not currently overstocked but will be eventually). It was initially a fairly grass green...
  15. Criscar

    Anyone have ludwigia repens in their garden pond?

    Anyone have ludwigia repens in their garden pond? It’s the small red and green plant in the water just above the fish in the photo. It’s a native California plant, so I like that I don’t have to worry about introducing an invasive species to our nearby water way. And it looks like it might...
  16. Criscar

    Goldfish first time wintering outdoors, appears to have minor infection

    I assume this is due to cold stress and lowered immune system? Pond has been running between 49-55 degrees depending on day and weather for past few weeks (small above ground pond is more susceptible to temp fluctuations). All water parameters are A ok - Ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and...
  17. Criscar

    Bottom feeders - dwarf orange Mexican crayfish or dojo loaches?

    Good evening, my pond is active at the top and mid water column, but I could use a critter or a few on bottom clean up, the snails do great for the algae but not so much for the fish poop and such. I’m fortunate to live in a warm mild climate, so have a few choices. dojo/weather loaches seem...
  18. Criscar

    are pond fry typically different colors than fry raised in aquariums?

    Goldfish spawning is over, but now my danios (mostly leopards with a couple zebra) are having at it. I have fry of varying ages that I am near certain are danios (the only other option would be golden white cloud mountain minnows), but they are extremely jet black, with a tiny iridiscent spot on...
  19. Criscar

    rehoming goldfish, how have you gone about it?

    Good afternoon! In this first year I am still getting a feel for how friendly vs unfriendly my pond is for fish fry. First round of goldfish spawning there was only one survivor, who I see around the pond on occasion. For the second, I only ever saw one little 1/2" shubunkin guy one time but...
  20. Criscar

    Skeletal remains

    I assume this looks about right for a 7 inch comet goldfish last seen on June 18th, so a little over seven weeks ago or so? :( Kind of doubting the alternative possibility that a heron regurgitated the skeleton of a similar sized fish mid-day while we were home without being seen or disturbing...