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  1. EricV

    Type of netting for fall in NE over large pond

    Or you can support it from within the pond. I have a much smaller pond and for leaves it may not matter so much, but over the winter I want to keep the net from freezing into the ice. I make stands of PVC and put them into the pond to hold up the net in the center. These stands are an "H" of...
  2. EricV

    Auto-Top Off Options

    Why a valve? I've topped off two different ways (trickle watering system and timer on a hose). In both cases I match the inflow rate to 150-200% of the evaporation rate and let the overflow do its job.
  3. EricV

    Frog in Koi pond

    If you are anywhere close to a body of water, forget about keeping frogs out of your pond. I setup two covered 35 gallon quarantine tanks for two weeks and they collected a total of three frogs. I had frogs in my main pond before I had fish or anything else. They will eat the eggs (maybe) and...
  4. EricV

    Looking for a good predatory fish for my pond

    Oops. I fell for it too!
  5. EricV

    Looking for a good predatory fish for my pond

    Orfe. Colorful, fast, and max out at about 18”. My initial rosy red minnow population is now gone (I think died of old age) and I have no more goldfish fry. They leave the 2-3” goldfish alone entirely.
  6. EricV

    Dead fish

    It’s hard to say. It could be ready immediately. I think we’re all trying to figure out how much damage was done to the bacteria and algae from your accident. If it was my pond I’d give it a few days with the filter before adding a couple of small fish. And then wait a couple of weeks before...
  7. EricV

    Dead fish

    Rocks or not really up to you. They provide a bit of extra area to house good bacteria. They also can trap muck. Personally I don’t use rocks deeper than I need them for aesthetic purposes. As for the frogs, if you find a way to keep them out, you have a business opportunity. Seriously...
  8. EricV

    Dead fish

    I forgot that you have an "old" pond. Forget about muck remover chemicals, but if there is a lot of muck on the bottom you can scoop it out with a fine net. If there is really a lot of it you can remove all the plants, drain it, remove the muck, and refill it. No need to scrub anything as that's...
  9. EricV

    Dead fish

    I'd make your pond out to be under 200 gallons. I would say 5 fish or so is a better number, long term, than 15 for a pond that size. When you say "sand from the beach" are we talking a freshwater or a salt water beach. Sand and so forth from the ocean is not appropriate as those are usually...
  10. EricV

    Dead fish

    No need to clean it. Algae on the rocks means less algae in the water.
  11. EricV

    Dead fish

    I’d let it sit another week or so unless you put in enough dechlorinator or you know your city uses chlorine and not chloramine. Please tell us how big your pond is. And don’t worry about the clear water. It will come, it just takes patience and a balanced pond. But dumping chemicals...
  12. EricV

    Dead fish

    When you say you left the house water running… you filled the pond without treating the water? What percentage of the pond do you think you filled? With city water? How long ago? How big is the pond? That will help us determine the right number of fish for you. I’m general don’t worry about...
  13. EricV

    Creekstone 2500gph pumps from Harbor Freight

    Whenever I have looked at HF pumps they draw so much power a top of the line pump is cheaper to run over the course of a year or two. I have a couple of HF pumps I use for maintenance and so forth. But I'd never run one 24/7.
  14. EricV

    Dividing lotus?

    I cut through the tuber leaving 2-3 growing tips (the end of the mass of tubers). And I do put two in my pot in case I mess up one. And my pot is probably 24-26" across.
  15. EricV

    Unexplained drop in water level

    Every spring I’m convinced I have a leak somewhere. I’m always wrong. No plant cover and moving water makes for lots of evaporation even with cooler temperatures.
  16. EricV

    Rocking Pond - Top to Bottom?

    Some of us have only put in rocks from the top shelf up.
  17. EricV

    New garden Pond questions.

    That looks exactly like my quarantine tanks. They are 35 gallons. My suggestion is to drop in about 10-20 rosy red minnows. You can get them as feeders at a pet store. If you put in some piles of rocks, they will reproduce. They live 3-4 years but you'll have a sustaining population I'd think.
  18. EricV

    ATP's Front Yard Pond!

    You could do either And 7.5“ isn’t a lot. but building up right near your drive may look odd. Do you plan to have a waterfall or other buildup somewhere in this design? I love the idea of a nice front yard pond!
  19. EricV

    Water flow meter

    Orbit is the one I used. Only a couple of times filling the pond.
  20. EricV

    Water lily fertilizer tabs that dont crumble?

    Same idea, but I use coffee filters. I never find them when I repot.