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  1. JBtheExplorer

    EAA Airventure 2022

    On Saturday I went up to EAA Airventure for the first time in five years and the 7th time since 2003. Airventure is the largest fly-in and air convention in the world with over 10,000 planes flying in throughout the week and over 600,000 people (probably around 100,000 on Saturday, which I was...
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    Bowl Lotus questions

    Anyone know anything about these? A relative gave me these last year. Would they work in my pond? Is it too late to start them? Safe for fish? would they grow quick enough to bloom before winter and are they perennial/annual in my climate? I really know absolutely nothing about them so anything...
  3. JBtheExplorer

    A Year Around My Pond

    I've been taking the same photo of my pond all year long. I put them all together in a slideshow to show how my pond and surrounding garden changes over the year.
  4. JBtheExplorer

    My 2020 Pond Slideshow

    Finished making my slideshow of photos taken of my pond throughout 2020. This year has been such a blur that I hardly remember taking many of them, so it was pretty fun going through all of them again. Also, if you have the time and want to watch, I also made a slideshow of my native...
  5. JBtheExplorer

    What is this Plant?

    Does anyone know what this is? It grew from the deepest part of my pond. Nearly reached the surface before this part broke off. It's not anything I planted in the pond, and I definitely want to know what it is so I can decide whether or not to remove it.
  6. JBtheExplorer

    My Prairie Adventure (Part 2)

    This is sort of a continuation of last year's post about My Prairie Adventure, which you can see HERE. I returned again this year, camped out a couple nights and had a lot of fun again. This year, I went a month earlier and the temps were much cooler than last year. Actually, it was extremely...
  7. JBtheExplorer

    Racine Zoo Lantern Festival

    Through a family member, I got free tickets to the lantern festival at the Racine Zoo and went last night. I thought I'd share some of the displays with you all. Temps were in the 30's and there was a light breeze, but it wasn't too bad for being late December. The place was packed with people...
  8. JBtheExplorer

    Autumn Camping 2019 (Part one)

    I spent last week on my annual autumn camping trip to close out the season. It tends to be the last "good" part of the year before things get cold and ugly. This year, I had a longer trip than usual, and spent it at two different places. The first place was Point Beach State Forest. I go here...
  9. JBtheExplorer

    Camping at GDSP 2019

    I left Friday afternoon for two short days at Governor Dodge State Park. Two days is not nearly enough for this large park. Unfortunately, the weather also wasn't ideal, so I didn't get to do nearly as much as I hoped to do, but I did get a couple hikes in. Here's Stephens' Falls. From the...
  10. JBtheExplorer

    Camping at Yellowstone Lake State Park

    I got home yesterday after spending two nights at Yellowstone Lake State Park in Wisconsin, not to be confused with Yellowstone National Park, although I'd love to go there some day. This was my first time camping at this state park, so it was fun to explore a new place. The main feature at...
  11. JBtheExplorer

    Milwaukee Air Show 2019

    I spent Saturday at the Milwaukee Air & Water Show. It was a pretty good day weather-wise. It was a hazy day, so I had to do some work removing/lessening the grain from my photos as well as improving color and clarity. First up, I checked off another lighthouse. The Milwaukee Breakwater...
  12. JBtheExplorer

    My Prairie Adventure

    This past week, I spent a few days camping along a prairie. Of course, I had to share my adventure with you all. The weather was hot and humid, and I had no access to air conditioning, so most of my days were spent sitting under trees. Just about all of my hikes were in the mornings and...
  13. JBtheExplorer

    Pump Depth

    For as long as I've had my pond, I've always kept the pump at the two foot depth of my pond. I've always assumed that pumping water from a lower level would be better for oxygenating it, but am I right? Lately, I've been thinking about moving it up to the marginal shelf. Are there any pros/cons...
  14. JBtheExplorer

    Oh No! Fish bumps.

    The good news is that my pond has thawed. The bad news is that at least one fish has bumps. What could it be and what can I do? No water tests or anything as it's just thawed today. i hope to get the pump running tomorrow.
  15. JBtheExplorer

    Christmas Presents - What'd Ya Get?

    Merry Christmas, everyone! So, if you'd like to share, what did you get for Christmas? I'll share tonight or tomorrow.
  16. JBtheExplorer

    Five Years With the Pond

    While the fifth anniversary of my pond will technically be in April, it's officially made it through five full seasons. It's hard to believe it has already been that long. It's been a lot of fun, and I find myself enjoying it more every year, especially as I've worked to improve the surrounding...
  17. JBtheExplorer

    Summer in the Native Garden

    It was another fantastic summer for my native garden... mostly. I've been dealing with phytoplasma issues with a few species, so I've had to remove those few species entirely from my garden and I'm monitoring others. Otherwise, it was a good year. I had a blast watching the wildlife it...
  18. JBtheExplorer

    Camping Trip #2

    Just over a month ago, I got back from my second of two camping trips in 2018. I always try to plan one trip for autumn, which is the best time of year for camping. This trip was to the Point Beach State Forest. I've been camping here many times since the age of about three or four. My most...
  19. JBtheExplorer

    My Pond: Late Summer 2018

    My final installment of photos from summer. Just like the last two sets, photos are of my pond as well as the surrounding garden. In August, I got a polarizing filter for my new camera which allows me to take photos of my pond without the water reflecting so much. You can see the difference it...
  20. JBtheExplorer

    Camping Trip #1

    As many of you know, I look forward to my camping trips every year. I went on two this year and had a great time at both. The first was in early July. I thought I'd share my trip with you. This was a place I had never been to before, even though it's the closest state park in the area. I was...