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  1. brandonsdad02

    Crazy stuff at work today?

    So I'm always coming home from work and telling my wife the crazy things that happen at work that day. She always tells me it sounds like I work at a fun factory than a place that makes road paving machines. The other day some of my buddys at work were all joking around and they told me they...
  2. brandonsdad02

    Adding another skimmer box, need input

    So after a great year with the pond it was time to make some changes. I knew that after I built the bog I was going to take out my skippy filter in the fall. When I took out the skippy I was able to move my waterfall over and make it wider. Since I moved to to the center of the pond now it left...
  3. brandonsdad02

    Little too late for netting, water already tannis

    So like the title says, little to late for netting. I went and got some some netting and put it on this weekend. I had been keeping up with the leaves but it looks as if I was a week or so too late. My goal was to put the net on to keep out the leaves to keep the water from getting tannis...
  4. brandonsdad02

    What is this plant?

    I got this from a friend of mine this spring and put it in my stream.. Grew really well and took off like mad. Very invasive and sends out vines that root and grow up. Got very big and has purplish flowers on it. Has been hard to control and I've been yanking it out all summer. This is...
  5. brandonsdad02

    Installing rocks

    Well I was finally able to get a bunch of river stones today for my border around the top of the pond. We went to a state park today called Ledges that had been closed to cars for the past 2 years because of damage from major flooding back in 08'. They had this road called canyon road which is...
  6. brandonsdad02

    Pond ugh......

    Home with the flu today. I go let the dog out and I see him looking weird at the pond. I look closer only to see my pond dropped 8"s over night. Now I get to work on that instead of my beauty sleep. I'm hoping it won't be that bad just not what I wanted to do when I got a fever and the chills
  7. brandonsdad02

    Water mint taking over bog.....

    So my mint in my bog is exploding since I built the bog maybe in June?? It is flowing over the sides of the bog now and starting to grow thru the fence around the bog. Should I trim it now or wait until spring and thin the heard then? I thought about adding some mint to a few spots in the bog...
  8. brandonsdad02

    Joebs tomatoe sticks

    Has anyone ever put some of those Joebs fertilizer sticks in your bog plants?
  9. brandonsdad02

    Weirdest thing you found in your pond?

    Came home from work yesterday and the wife tells me there is a weird purple sack thing in the pond. She didn't take it out because she didn't know if I was doing something to the pond. I went to investigate and it was one of those chinese lantern things you can get for parties. You light the...
  10. brandonsdad02

    Bog finished.....mostly

    Well after much thought, lots of questions, and a whole bunch of hard work, I can say I got my bog done. I was kinda hard to place since the pond had been enlarged this spring and had to be fenced in because my wife runs a state register in home daycare. The way my ground is around the pond...
  11. brandonsdad02

    lotus tuber

    My lotus tuber is starting to get sprouts. What is the best way to plant this in my pond?
  12. brandonsdad02

    Pump plumbing redone

    I had been unhappy with the amount of water flowing down my falls this year. Last year there seemed to be a lot more water flowing down and I was using a bigger pump this year. Last year the pump would only take 1" ID hose with a hose barb but I used 1 1/4" hose and slipped it on the threaded...
  13. brandonsdad02

    Pump tubing

    I'm thinking about putting in bigger pipe from my pump to my falls running thru my skippy. What do most people do for there plumbing? Do you hard pipe it using PVC or do you use flexable hose? Getting the PVC to bend around stuff isn't a issue, just want to do what would be the least...
  14. brandonsdad02

    Black gamecock Iris

    Where do most of you have your gamecock Iris planted at? Do these go in the pond, on the edge or not at all in the pond?
  15. brandonsdad02

    DIY UV light build

    I have been having all sorts of problems with my water this year for some reason. Had a algae bloom real early this year and I have been told that a UV light is the best way to get rid of algae blooms and pea soup water. So with a little creative thinking and a hours work, I made my own UV...
  16. brandonsdad02

    Interpet Pond Balance

    I got this from a friend who has been helping me getting my pond started with plants and stuff. She has a massive pond in her backyard and is going to use Pond Balance for the algae. She said the dosage instructions are pretty in depth but she didn't write it down for me. Does anyone have the...
  17. brandonsdad02

    What went wrong

    Some info about my pond. We built a pond last year, about 10x9x1.5. Eveything worked great last year, had crystal clear water all year. Have a 100 gal skippy for my filter. Had fish, lots of plants, and clear water. The only problem was that I wasn't thinking when I dug the pond and didn't...
  18. brandonsdad02

    Question about skippy filter

    1. How many of you put something on top of the filter media to hold it down? 2. How many of you have plants in your filter and are they in a basket or just growing in the media?
  19. brandonsdad02

    Question about Venturi

    I've been thinking about building a venturi for my pond set up right at the top of the down pipe for my skippy. I have 2 plants in there now and thought the added O2 wouldn't hurt. My question is.....Would it help? Where the water level is in my skippy and the top of my down tube going to the...
  20. brandonsdad02

    pea soup

    This is my second year with my pond. Due to the unseasonal warm weather we have been having in March I was able to rebuild my pond. I already have algae growing in my pond that I just built. The only thing that is being reused from my old pond is my skippy. I didn't have any problems at all...