3,500 gal water garden with bog filter


Estimated 3,500 gallon water garden. I have a 13'X5' upflow bog filter that waterfalls back into the pond. The bog provides all of the filtration for this pond. A 4,100 gph submersible pump provides the flow to the bog.

Check out the discussion tab of this showcase to follow the construction phase.

Still working on it. This is what it looks like as of 4-18-2019

Planning and Construction

I have Purple Martins and they are her from March to July. My Martin house was right were I wanted my bog plus I didn't want to disturb them with all of the construction. So, I had to wait until the off season to do this project. I started construction in the fall of 2018.

Started out by laying out a water hose to get the outline of the pond. The Pond Digger YouTube series was my major inspiration for how I wanted to build my pond. Addy's bog construction thread in this forum was my major inspiration for how to build my bog.

It took about 2 weeks (working here and there on my days off) to hand dig this pond with hand tools and a wheelbarrow to haul the approx. 18 tons of excavated dirt out back.

I didn't work much on the pond over the winter. I've still got a lot of finish work to do, but I finally got the bog finished enough in April 2019 so that I can turn on the pump.

Fish / Plant Stock

I plan to stock the bog with tons of plants. I will also put plants directly in my pond. I built planting shelves in my pond with plant pockets. Lilies will be in pots in the deeper water. I also plan on putting plants in the nooks and crannies of the coping stones.

I will eventually have koi in my pond. I put some Rosy Red Minnows and Mosquito Minnows in to start cycling the pond and to help with mosquito control.

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