3,500 gal water garden with bog filter


Estimated 3,500 gallon water garden. I will have a 13'X5' upflow bog filter that waterfalls back into the pond. The bog will provide all of the filtration for this pond. A submersible pump will provide the flow to the bog.

Check out the discussion tab of this showcase to follow the construction phase.

Planning and Construction

I have Purple Martins and they are her from March to July. My Martin house was right were I wanted my bog plus I didn't want to disturb them with all of the construction. So, I had to wait until the off season to do this project.

Started out by laying out a water hose to get the outline of the pond. The Pond Digger YouTube series was my major inspiration for how I wanted to build my pond. Addy's bog construction thread in this forum is my major inspiration for how to build my bog.

It took about 2 weeks (working here and there on my days off) to hand dig this pond with hand tools and a wheelbarrow to haul the approx. 18 tons of excavated dirt out back.

Fish / Plant Stock

I plan to stock the bog with tons of plants. I will also put plants directly in my pond. I built planting shelves in my pond with plant pockets. Lilies will be in pots in the deeper water. I also plan on putting plants in the nooks and crannies of the coping stones.

I'll have koi in my pond.

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