Carrie's NEW Pond


1500 gallon, partially-above grade pond. L-shaped (don't ever do that... it's a pain!!). So, 3' deep everywhere, 4' wide everywhere, the long part of the L is 13', and the shorter part is 8' long. Going to upgrade our old 2100 pressurized filter to a 3200. There are 2 stainless steel 24" wide waterfall spillways, one at each end of the L.

I planned the L-shaped design to wrap around our covered patio, making a perfect atmosphere for outdoor entertaining, and all-weather enjoyment of the pond. The location is convenient to the outdoor power sources, and makes for easy lawn maintenance. Looks really cool, but... lining an L-shape is a real pain. We did great with the seaming, however! 3" seam lining tape, primed, etc., then 6" wide cover tape over the seam for extra protection.

More pics to come, as we are moving our fish and filter today from the old rental house. The new tenants were kind enough to "babysit" for a month while we constructed this. Surprising, the February weather has hit 60+ degrees several times, so they are slowly coming out of winter-mode, which has made me nervous not being there for water testing and monitoring activity.

Planning and Construction

I planned on paper, using the actual dimensions of concrete blocks to determine the layout and size. Luckily, the septic company was out here backfilling from their previous installation, and we were able to convince them to dig our starter hole while they had a back-hoe in our yard. All the rest was done entirely by hand, by my husband, his best friend, and myself.

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